Xiaomi closed 2021 with the best results in its entire history

Xiaomi closed 2021 with the best results in its entire history

Today, Counterpoint analysts have published their market analysis regarding smartphone sales for all of 2021 . In it we can see the number of sales of the main mobile phone manufacturers, as well as the growth that each of them has experienced .

Compared to the past 2020, the sale of smartphones grew by 4% in 2021 , thus reaching a total of 1,390 million units sold worldwide , with the best-selling brands being Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, precisely in this same order.

Xiaomi manages to achieve its best figures in 2021

Although Samsung managed to remain the best-selling brand in the world with a growth of only 6%, Xiaomi managed to record the best figures in its entire history throughout 2021 , all with a growth of no less than 31% .

Xiaomi cerró 2021 con los mejores resultados de toda su historia. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Although in 2020 its sales number rose to a total of 145.7 million units, in 2021 the company recorded its best figures, reaching a total of 190.4 million smartphones sold worldwide .

Samsung, maintaining its number one position, reached sales of 270.7 million units in 2021, while Apple, in second place, managed to reach a total of 237.9 units sold with growth of 18%.

Source | Counterpoint

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