Monitor: Set the picture and ergonomics correctly – this is how it works

Monitor: Set the picture and ergonomics correctly – this is how it works

After buying a new monitor, you should set it up briefly. Once you have taken care of the ergonomics, it is much more comfortable to play and work. A few simple settings are enough for a beautiful and pleasant picture. Using the PEAQ G340-CWQK gaming monitor, we will show you how to set up your new screen correctly.

This article was created in cooperation with PEAQ.

Monitor ergonomics: Adjust screen height and seat spacing

adjust monitor

The correct height and inclination of the monitor can be found quickly.

Great monitor features are of little use if your eyes and neck hurt after a short time in front of the screen. That's why we have a few tips for the optimal seat distance and the right screen height.

The optimal seat distance to the monitor is always at least half a meter or an arm's length away. Just the right distance is easy on the eyes. The distance should increase with the size of the monitor. A good rule of thumb is 1.2 times the screen diagonal. With a 27-inch monitor, that would be around 82 centimeters. Of course you don't have to be that precise. On this basis, you can find a suitable distance yourself so that you can read the text well and do not hurt your eyes.

Most modern monitors – like the PEAQ G340-CWQK – can be adjusted in height . Choose the height of the monitor so that the top of the screen is at eye level and you look down slightly when playing or working. This prevents you from straining your neck. If the monitor can be tilted, then tilt the screen so that you are looking at the image at a 90-degree angle, i.e. directly. Sometimes you can also rotate the monitor on its stand. The only thing that matters here is that the stand finds a suitable place on your desktop. You should definitely look at the picture from the front.

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Turn off power saving modes and image enhancers

When you turn on your new monitor for the first time, you should open the monitor's settings using the menu button on the screen. First deactivate any power saving modes and image enhancers. You can turn these back on later depending on your preference, but they should be disabled for basic image setup.

Adjust brightness & contrast using a test image

Brightness Contrast

You can adjust brightness and contrast in the monitor menu. Image: © PEAQ 2022

If you have switched off all additional picture modes, you can adjust the brightness and contrast. To do this, open the following test image on your monitor and start with the contrast setting in the settings menu of the screen.

Increase the contrast until the light gray boxes at the top are just distinguishable. After that, the brightness needs to be adjusted . This should be increased so that the dark shades of gray (lower part of the image) can just be distinguished.

What is the optimal color temperature and gamma value?

Gamma color temperature

You will usually find the settings for gamma and color temperature next to each other. Image: © PEAQ 2022

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The optimal and neutral color temperature is 6,500 K (elvin) because this temperature setting comes closest to natural daylight white. Settings above this value make the image appear cooler and more bluish, while settings below this value make the image appear warmer and more yellow. It could of course be that you subjectively prefer a colder or warmer picture, but first of all a neutral setting is recommended. You can assume this and see later whether you like a warmer image in games, for example.

To adjust the color temperature, open the options menu of the screen again. There should be an option for the color temperature under the picture settings. If you don't see any values there, just options like Warm, Cool or Standard/Normal/Neutral , it's best to select Standard – this option should typically refer to 6,500K.

Next you should take care of the gamma value of the screen , which ensures that grayscales are displayed as naturally as possible. This is usually located directly below the color temperature setting.

We recommend the SimpleFilter test image for this . To determine the correct gamma value, stand a few meters away from the monitor and look at the gray test image : If the left and right halves appear in the same shade of gray, the gamma value is set correctly. If the gray tones are still very different even from a distance, you should adjust the gamma value again.

If you want to edit photos or videos professionally, you should calibrate your monitor with a colorimeter. You can find out what this is all about under Calibrating the monitor: This is how you set the screen in Windows 10 .

Set resolution & refresh rate correctly under Windows and macOS

Set resolution

You can set the resolution in Windows. Image: © PEAQ/TurnOn 2022

Modern operating systems automatically recognize the right resolution for your monitor. However, sometimes it can happen that the correct resolution is not selected automatically. If you find the image too pixelated, it's worth taking a detour to the settings menu in Windows or macOS.

  • In Windows, the screen resolution setting can be found under Settings>Display>Screen resolution.
  • On a Mac, you can find the preferences under Apple menu>System Preferences>Displays.

There you simply select the maximum resolution that your monitor supports and the image should be sharp and displayed correctly. If you have a graphics card, you can also do this in the driver settings, for example in the NVIDIA control panel.

While you're at it, you should set the refresh rate . Higher values such as 144 Hertz ensure smoother and sharper moving image display, although the monitor must support such values. This not only benefits gaming, but also scrolling through websites.

  • In Windows under "Advanced display settings" select the maximum possible "refresh rate" of your monitor.
  • On your Mac, choose the Apple menu, then System Preferences > Displays > Refresh Rate.

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