How old is my iPhone? Find out with the serial number

How old is my iPhone? Find out with the serial number

You've probably asked yourself the question "How old is my iPhone" before. If you want to find out the age of an iPhone, all you need is the serial number. Where you can find them and how to proceed is explained in the following instructions.

Regardless of whether it is out of your own interest or because you might want to buy a used iPhone on relevant auction platforms – sometimes it is helpful to know the age of the iPhone. If you have the serial number, not to be confused with the IMEI, you can check the iPhone age online. So ask the owner for the serial number or check it as follows if you have your own device: "Settings > General > About". Under "Serial number" you will now find the information you need to find out the age of the iPhone.

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Check warranty status with Apple

Now go to in your browser and enter the model's serial number in the input field. To be on the safe side, you must confirm the request by entering the Captcha, then click on "Next". Next to a picture and the model name you will find an "estimated expiry date" below. This date marks the end of the warranty period that Apple grants its customers – always exactly one year. If you now subtract one year from the date displayed, you will find out the date of purchase of the iPhone. However, if the device is more than a year old, the Apple website will not help.

iPhone age

If the expiry date is displayed, you only have to calculate back a year to know when the iPhone was bought. Image: © Screenshot 2017

Check iPhone age on Dutch website

If you would like to learn more about the corresponding device, it is worth visiting the Dutch website Chipmunk . Enter your serial number in the field and click on "Laat de informatie zien" to start the query. After a short time you will not only receive information about the processor, storage capacity or resolution, but also the production data. So the week is after "Production week" and the year of manufacture exactly one entry below.

We tested the tool with both the iPhone X and an iPhone 7 Plus. While the iPhone X site provided all production data, we had to settle for less data for the iPhone 7 Plus. However, it is always worth a try.

Note: The query on the Dutch site is limited to ten free queries per month. If you want more or want to use the service commercially, you have to pay for it – at least 99 euros a year.

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  1. Request the serial number or check it directly on the iPhone: "Settings > General > Info > Serial number"
  2. Find iPhone age : Enter serial number on
  3. If a date is displayed, count back one year to determine the age of the iPhone
  4. Alternatively, visit the Dutch website Chipmunk and enter the serial number
  5. The week and year of manufacture are displayed here under "Production week" and "Production year".
  6. Sometimes the tool doesn't work for all iPhones
  7. Alternatively, you can also contact Apple or visit the Apple Store to get the info

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