The fastest way to scan and digitize documents with your Xiaomi

The fastest way to scan and digitize documents with your Xiaomi

The camera of our Xiaomi hides certain very interesting functionalities. An example of this is the documents mode, a utility that allows us to scan and digitize documents as we have seen on other occasions , but not as we are going to tell you below .

Beyond accessing this mode from the MIUI camera application itself, there is a much faster and easier way to invoke this functionality , in order to make scanning a document easier and more practical.

How to scan and digitize a document with your Xiaomi quickly and easily

The fastest and easiest way to scan a document and digitize it with your Xiaomi is hidden on the desktop itself. If we hold down the camera application, it will display a small menu among which we will find the documents mode .

La forma más rápida de escanear y digitalizar documentos con tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

If we click on this, as shown in the image above, we will access the documents mode directly and without having to go through the various menus that make up the MIUI camera application.

In short, a little trick that we can also take to other system applications . For example, if we hold down the calculator application, it will allow us to directly access the converter or the scientific calculator.

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