Optimized charging, another of the main news that your Xiaomi will receive with MIUI 13

Optimized charging, another of the main news that your Xiaomi will receive with MIUI 13

Little by little we are discovering part of the news that our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO will receive after updating to MIUI 13 . Many of these went unnoticed during their presentation , but they will undoubtedly change our user experience completely.

An example of this is " Optimized charging ", a new feature that promises to lengthen the aging of our smartphone's battery , intelligently learning what our daily charging habits are.

Optimized loading, another of the great novelties of MIUI 13

From Settings> Battery and performance , MIUI 13 allows us to activate a new option called "Optimized charging". It reduces battery addiction , learning from our daily routine to reduce unnecessary ongoing charging.

Carga optimizada, otra de las principales novedades que recibirá tu Xiaomi con MIUI 13. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

What this new option achieves is to calculate how much time we have to charge our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO , slowing down the load so that it is at 100% exactly at the exact moment that we are going to require it.

For example, this new option takes into account when we sleep. In general, we usually leave our smartphone charging , in this way MIUI will detect what is the approximate time we usually wake up, in order to lengthen the charging process or pause it and only reach 100% at the exact moment.

Without a doubt, a most interesting option, which will allow us to take better care of our Xiaomi . Options like this will allow us to extend the life of the battery without giving up practically nothing.

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