All Fitbit models: important differences at a glance

All Fitbit models: important differences at a glance

The fitness trackers and smartwatches from Fitbit have different functions. Old and new models, entry-level to upper-class trackers, also differ in terms of design and price. Here you can find out what the Fitbit models offer and how you can find the right tracker or smartwatch for you.

Fitbit Charge: An overview of the fitness trackers with top equipment

The models of the Fitbit Charge series are the best-equipped fitness trackers from the provider. With every generation new features have been added, whether fresh sensors or better equipment.

  • The Fitbit Charge 1 had a tiny display and was primarily used as a step and calorie counter.
  • With the Fitbit Charge HR , the manufacturer introduced the heart rate monitor.
  • The Fitbit Charge 2 added a larger black and white OLED display.
  • The Fitbit Charge 3 was also waterproof and therefore suitable for tracking swimming. He was also able to measure blood oxygen content (SpO2) for the first time. A special edition of the tracker introduced an NFC chip for contactless payment.

These models are no longer sold new and can only be obtained used. The models 4 and 5, however, are now available.

The Fitbit Charge 4 was the first tracker in the series with a built-in GPS. With it you can track your bike tours and jogging trips independently of your smartphone. It also enables you to control your music on Spotify with a paired mobile phone and it adopts the NFC chip for contactless payments from the Special Edition of Charge 3.

The latest model at the end of 2021 is the Fitbit Charge 5 . It brings quite extensive innovations: an AMOLED color display that can always be activated ("always-on"), an EDA sensor that detects the stress level based on skin moisture, and an EKG that measures blood pressure. However, the Charge 5 also has a downgrade, so you can no longer control music with it.

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Fitbit Inspire: Affordable, Slim Trackers

Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a compact tracker with the most important functions. Image:

The Fitbit Inspire series includes simple trackers with a compact design for less money compared to the Charge series. Due to the slim design, the manufacturer mainly markets the Inspire trackers for women. The first Fitbit Inspire was primarily used to track steps, the Inspire HR added a pulse sensor.

Compared to the Inspire HR, the current Fitbit Inspire 2 has twice the battery life, can access the phone's GPS and allows incoming calls to be accepted and rejected. Features of the Inspire 2 also include sleep tracking, cycle tracking and swim tracking. Only the Inspire 2 is still available.

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Fitbit Luxe: Elegant tracker for women


The Fitbit Luxe relies on a classy exterior. Image: © Fitbit 2021

The manufacturer markets the Fitbit Luxe even more explicitly for women than the Fitbit Inspire 2. In contrast to this, it offers a high-contrast AMOLED color display and a high-quality design with a stainless steel housing. Elegant bracelets are also offered for the tracker.

The Luxe allows basic functions such as motion detection, pulse measurement and sleep tracking, as well as swimming tracking, cycle tracking and it has a function called " mindfulness minutes " for meditating. In comparison, it costs more than the Inspire 2, but less than the Charge 5.

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Fitbit Ace: fitness tracker for children

Fitbit Ace 2--15

We tested the Fitbit Ace 2. Image:

The Fitbit Ace trackers are aimed at children, the Ace 2 and 3 are specifically intended for kids from 6 years of age . Compared to the first Fitbit Ace, the newer models are more robust and waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The trackers record steps, activities and sleep, and there is also a vibration motor that is used as an alarm clock and for reminders to move.

The current Fitbit Ace 3 does not offer any new sensors either. The manufacturer has improved the battery life in particular: the tracker lasts eight instead of five days. A special feature of the child tracker can also be found in the software, there are virtual badges, dynamic clock faces and personalized avatars that are intended to motivate children to exercise more and to compete with their friends. Thanks to the parent view in the Fitbit app, parents can keep an eye on their offspring's activities.

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Fitbit Sense: Top smartwatch with the latest sensors

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense offers more functions than other Fitbit gadgets. Image:

A large 1.58-inch display with high-contrast AMOLED technology, WLAN, NFC chip for contactless payment with Fitbit Pay, Bluetooth 5.0, built-in GPS and an aluminum housing. Just a look at the data sheet reveals that the Fitbit Sense is the manufacturer's top model . The usual sensors are joined by an EKG, which measures the blood pressure, as well as an EDA sensor, which is found even more rarely, which records the electrodermal activity of the skin and thus measures the stress level more objectively than other methods allow.

As is typical for a smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense can display calls, messages and app notifications from the smartphone. Both short answers and answers by voice input are possible. You can save and play music and podcasts from Deezer on the watch and control Spotify playback from your smartphone. The battery life of up to 6 days exceeds that of many other smartwatches. The catch: You need a paid Fitbit Premium subscription to analyze the fitness data – then you will find out what it means and what conclusions you should draw from it. Basically, the smart watch also works without a subscription.

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit app is used to evaluate data over longer periods of time. Image:

The conclusion of our test by Jasmin: " The Fitbit Sense is a fashionable smartwatch that convinced me overall. It spurred me on to a healthier lifestyle and more exercise – and helped me when my health was in danger. It has a few small flaws They did, however, such as no Apple Music integration and the connectivity to my iPhone was often more bad than good. "

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Fitbit Versa: Smartwatches with the most important functions

The Fitbit Versa series consists of affordable smartwatches with fewer functions compared to the Fitbit Sense. There are the Fitbit Versa 1, 2 and 3 as well as the cheaper Versa Lite. They all master basic functions such as tracking steps, recording sleep, measuring heart rate, recording blood oxygen levels and displaying mobile phone notifications. You can now also stream all music from Deezer and Spotify.

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa offers basic smartwatch functions. Image:

In contrast to the Versa Lite, the first Fitbit Versa also offers contactless payment and it can show training sessions on the display. Both models are waterproof and can run for up to four days. Christin was able to convince the Versa in our test : " For amateur athletes who are looking for an inexpensive smartwatch with numerous practical features with which they can track their health and improve their fitness, the Fitbit Versa is an absolute recommendation (… ). "

Instead of an LC display, the Versa 2 uses a larger, high-contrast AMOLED display, which can now also be permanently activated ("always-on"). The battery should last five days instead of four and the smartwatch supports the voice assistant Alexa. " If you want to get your first smartwatch and don't want to spend too much money, you are not doing anything wrong with the Fitbit Versa 2," writes Christin in our test .

Fitbit Versa 3 workout lifestyle

The Fitbit Versa 3 offers a GPS module and a speaker. Image: © Fitbit 2020

The Fitbit Versa 3 is equipped with a built-in GPS for the first time. So you can track your jogging and cycling tours without a mobile phone. The Smartwatch offers a 336 x 336 pixels compared to 300 x 300 pixels, a slightly sharper display than the Versa 2. In addition to the microphone, it now also has a loudspeaker so that you can make calls with the watch via a connected smartphone.

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Fitbit Ionic: Sense predecessor with a square display

Fitbit Versa 2 Ionic Comparison 3

The Fitbit Ionic (left) compared to the Versa 2 (right) Image:

The Fitbit Ionic, which is no longer available, was the predecessor of the Fitbit Sense smartwatch . It has a square LC display and, in addition to the basic sensors, an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen, an NFC chip for contactless numbers, WiFi and an altimeter. An integrated GPS is also offered and the Ionic is waterproof up to 50 meters. You can also save music from Deezer to the watch and control Spotify songs. The duration is four days.

This is how you can find the right fitness tracker or the right smartwatch

Which fitness gadget is right for you depends on the intended use and your design preferences. If you are only interested in tracking steps, swimming and sleep for basic fitness, the cheapest devices such as the Fitbit Inspire series are sufficient. The Fitbit Ace trackers are intended for children, the Fitbit Luxe should appeal to women with its high-quality design. However, smartphones also offer basic fitness tracking minus swimming – if you have your mobile phone with you while exercising, you don't need a fitness tracker for basic fitness .

Yoga with Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire is sufficient for basic movement tracking .

For many, the added value only begins with a built-in pulse sensor from the Fitbit Charge HR and the Inspire HR. The sensor tells you when you are really exerting yourself and burning a lot of calories. The current trackers all have a heart rate sensor with the exception of the Ace 3. Since small children don't necessarily run around with a cell phone, they can still use such a tracker.

For more money there is the Fitbit charge tracker, whereby the manufacturer has integrated the latest sensors in the latest model. Even EKG and EDA sensors are installed here. However, healthy people do not actually need an EKG to measure blood pressure. This also applies to an SpO2 sensor, which all current fitness trackers and smartwatches still bring with them. The EDA sensor, on the other hand, could be useful for people who want to avoid too much stress. Note, however, that it does not measure the stress continuously, but that you have to do it manually.

Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense Collage

Fitbit Versa 3 (left) and Fitbit Sense (right) Image:

You can also orientate yourself on the functions, design and price of smartwatches. Whether you should use the Fitbit Sense depends on whether you need features such as an EDA sensor and an EKG. Otherwise the cheaper Versa 3 should be enough for you.

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