How I was converted to the cordless vacuum cleaner

How I was converted to the cordless vacuum cleaner

Are cordless vacuum cleaners just a trendy gadget that nobody needs? After all, conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners are more powerful and tend to cost less. That's what I thought until recently. However, after I involuntarily switched to a cheap and lightweight battery-powered vacuum cleaner, I never want to go back.

Low suction power, short battery life, high price – why should I buy a cordless vacuum cleaner? For the past few years I have been using a Siemens Z 3.0, a cylinder vacuum cleaner for small households. Unfortunately, water got inside while sucking and the engine said goodbye . I also have a simple handheld vacuum cleaner from Einhell that can be expanded with a floor nozzle. Until I get myself a "real" vacuum cleaner, it might be enough, so my thought.

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Vacuuming is easier thanks to the cordless vacuum cleaner

And he surprised me in a positive way . No more pulling cables through my maze of apartments, no more rolling around a heavy vacuum cleaner, no more annoying large pipes in the way, no more buying vacuum cleaner bags. With the light and flexible cordless vacuum cleaner I can easily remove cobwebs from the ceiling and free shelves from the coarsest dust. I simply clean the filter and the dust collector under running water.

Testers like Stiftung Warentest like to criticize the lower suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners compared to wired cylinder vacuum cleaners. But not everyone needs a high suction power . A lower one is usually sufficient for hard floors. In the meantime, in case of doubt, there are also models with a "good" suction power – even if they cost noticeably more than floor vacuums with comparable power.

What about vacuum robots?

Vacuum robots are not suitable for my purposes. There are just too many cables and other things in the way for me, and the machines don't make it onto shelves or the ceiling. On top of that, the price of good vacuum robots is a bit higher than that of decent cordless vacuum cleaners. However, I've only heard good things from users. Jens reported in the -Tech podcast, for example, that a vacuum robot could noticeably make his life, which was plagued by cat hair, noticeably easier. For me, a cordless vacuum cleaner is enough.

Just try it out

It’s again such a case that you have to try out technology yourself. I also thought for a long time that smartwatches were superfluous, until the Fossil Gen 6 convinced me otherwise. Neither is just marketing or a trend gadget, but really useful , at least for some users.

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