Air Glass: Oppo launches AR monocle

Air Glass: Oppo launches AR monocle

Oppo recently presented the new AR glasses Oppo Air Glass, which are actually more of a monocle. The AR gadget only covers one eye and feeds it with real-time information. The AR monocle should be on the market as early as spring 2022, but only in China.

Since Google failed with Google Glass, no manufacturer has really dared to use everyday AR glasses. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is now daring to try again. As Android Authority reports, the company also has a little experience with AR glasses.

In 2019, Oppo presented the AR glasses. Due to the bulky design, it was more of an AR headset and not useful for everyday use. With Air Glass it looks better in terms of everyday usability.

Oppo Air Glass: The AR monocle for everyday life

While the focus of AR Glass was still on immersion, i.e. drawing the user into the virtual world, Oppo Air Glass should have a more practical use. The AR monocle is intended to provide users with useful data in real time. The tasks include, for example, displaying daily appointments, shopping lists and health data of the user, assistance with navigation, live transcriptions or weather reports.

With a weight of only 30 grams, Air Glass should also be comfortable to wear. According to Oppo, the AR monocle is also suitable for people who wear glasses, as it can also be attached to glasses frames.

This technology is in Air Glass

A special micro-projector based on micro-LEDs in combination with a five-part glass lens is used to display the real-time information. The maximum brightness of the projected data should be 3 million nits. Two layers of sapphire crystals embedded in the monocle serve as a transparent canvas for displaying the information.

Air Glass is controlled either by head movements, touch or voice commands. A Qualcomm Snapdraqgon Wear 4100 is used as the processor. The battery life with the display permanently switched on is only three hours, according to Oppo. The AR monocle lasted 20 hours in standby.

Availability and price

For the time being, Oppo Air Glass is only expected to come onto the market in China in spring 2022. It is uncertain whether the AR monocle will later appear in the West. Oppo has not yet commented on a price.

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