Cancel DAZN: end a free month or subscription – that's how it works

Cancel DAZN: end a free month or subscription – that's how it works

You want to cancel the streaming provider DAZN – either after the free month or an active subscription? We explain how it works.

At the end of the free month, DAZN costs 14.99 euros per month or the equivalent of 12.49 euros per month if you opt for the annual subscription for 149.99 euros. If you notice during the free trial month or later with an active subscription that you no longer want to use the streaming service, it can of course be canceled. However, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  • You can cancel DAZN at any time in a free month. After the free period has expired, the membership is AUTOMATICALLY converted into a paid subscription.
  • If a subscription runs for 14.99 euros per month, it can be canceled at the end of the billing month (notice period). If, on the other hand, you have decided on the annual subscription , the subscription will only be terminated after the one-year period has expired.
  • Attention: The billing period is not based on the full month, but on the exact time of registration. An example: With a DAZN registration on January 15th, the contract runs until at least February 14th.
  • Even after the termination , you can still use all DAZN content until the end of the current billing month.
  • A written termination or a termination by email is not necessary at DAZN. The way described below via the website or iTunes is completely sufficient.

How do I cancel DAZN?


You can easily cancel your DAZN subscription via the official website. Image: © DAZN 2021

A termination of the DAZN membership via the website, the smart TV or the console proceeds as follows:

  1. Login to the DAZN website .
  2. Click on "Menu> My Account" and log in again with the access data.
  3. In the "Membership" area, there is the "End membership" button at the bottom right.
  4. After confirmation, the subscription with DAZN will be terminated as soon as possible.
  5. If you have problems with the termination, the DAZN contact form should be used.
  6. The termination will then be confirmed by DAZN by email.

If you have taken out your DAZN subscription on iTunes, the procedure is a little different:

  1. Go to iTunes & App Store
  2. Click on Apple ID
  3. "Show Apple ID> Subscriptions> DAZN> Cancel subscription"

Only pause DAZN membership


If you don't want to cancel your DAZN subscription directly, you can also take a break. Image: © DAZN / 2021

If you want to cancel your DAZN membership, the provider also suggests an alternative during the process: pausing the subscription. This is particularly useful in certain fixed periods of time, for example on vacation or during the seasonal breaks. Your account can be paused for up to four months.

During this break, the account is set to "inactive" at the end of a paid period and then automatically reactivated at a selected time. DAZN does not cost anything during the actual break. Shortly before the automatic reactivation, the user will be notified by email.


  • The first month at DAZN is free, then automatic conversion to a paid subscription for 14.99 euros per month
  • The billing period is based on the day of registration, not the full month
  • Written termination or termination by email is not necessary, via the website, smart TV app or iTunes is sufficient

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