First foldable smartphone from Oppo before launch

First foldable smartphone from Oppo before launch

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced that it will present its first foldable called Find N on December 15th. A first teaser in which the foldable smartphone can be admired is already available on Twitter.

"After more than a decade of rapid development, the smartphone industry has reached its limits," said Oppo’s press release . Then different areas such as fast charging, high frame rates, mobile photography and also 5G are named, which allegedly have already reached the end of the flagpole. This is why manufacturers and product designers are asking themselves: "What's the next big thing in smartphones?"

Oppo seems to have found the answer to this question: the Find N, a foldable smartphone.

Foldables haven't made it into the mainstream yet

The Chinese company is aware that Oppo is not exactly reinventing the wheel with the Find N. A handful of manufacturers have already brought foldable smartphones onto the market, writes Oppo boss Pete Lau in the press release. However, they still have to overcome some barriers. According to Lau, users have not yet seen the benefits of foldables, are concerned about durability and the user experience on foldable smartphones is also not optimal.

Oppo wants to stir up the foldable market

However, Oppo's Find N aims to overcome these barriers. The company follows two principles: aesthetics and benefits. A good product has to be "beautiful and pleasant", says Lau. This can be achieved with a simple design and natural material. Foldables, in particular, with their large displays should be comfortable to hold for the user.

However, a product should not only be beautiful, it should also be useful and easy to use. Lau explains that a foldable smartphone must be equally easy to use both when it is closed and when it is opened.

The Oppo Find N should offer all of this to its users.

The first specs will probably only be available at the official launch

Oppo has not yet revealed any information about the equipment and features of the Find N in the press release. These could not be revealed until the official launch on December 15th. It remains to be seen whether the Find N lives up to its own standards and can also convince the broad masses of smartphone users.

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