Google Pixel Watch: Leaker publishes pictures of the smartwatch

Google Pixel Watch: Leaker publishes pictures of the smartwatch

Rumors have been circulating for a long time that Google would like to launch a Pixel Watch. The well-known YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser has now published supposedly official pictures of the smartwatch, which could possibly appear in the first quarter of 2022.

Tech YouTuber Jon Prosser doesn't always hit the bull's eye with his leaks, but he could be right with the Google Pixel Watch. The leaker published the first renders eight months ago, allegedly based on official photos from Google. Now the leaker showed new pictures of the Pixel Watch in a video, which may have come from Google's marketing material. And what can you say: The new images exactly match the renders from eight months ago.

The Pixel Watch will be pretty flat and round

Both the renders and the new photos from the video show a smartwatch with an amazingly flat design. The Pixel Watch seems to be only a few millimeters thick. Unlike Apple, Google probably doesn't use a rectangular, but a round display.

Prosser's pictures show various watch designs and some features of the Pixel Watch. The photos show an incoming call, the navigation with Google Maps and the measurement of the heart rate on the watch. The Google Smartwatch will almost certainly have a lot of other features.

Does Samsung supply the chip for the Pixel Watch?

The Pixel Watch is said to be internally codenamed "Rohan" and to become a kind of showcase for Google's Wear OS. The latest version, Wear OS 3, is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Further information on the Pixel Watch can be obtained from Prosser's colleague Max Weinbach. He claimed on Twitter that the Pixel Watch should have an adapted chipset from Samsung.

This could be a special version of the Exynos W920, which is currently used in the Galaxy Watch 4 series. The exact price of the Pixel Watch is not yet known at this point in time. However, it should be at the level of the current Apple Watch models.

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