So you can measure your heart rate with the camera of your Xiaomi

So you can measure your heart rate with the camera of your Xiaomi

Keeping a record of our health on the mobile phone has become a daily activity. In the case of Xiaomi terminals, we can do it through Mi Health , the company's health app. Although it will soon be integrated with a new Xiaomi application , it is worth highlighting one of its most striking functions: measuring the heart rate using the camera .

The update 2.7.4 of Mi Health brought with it this new functionality called Heart Rate , which allows you to use the camera sensors to know your heart rate . All this without the need to install third-party applications, or use other devices such as bracelets or smart watches.

How to measure heart rate with your Xiaomi camera

The possibility of measuring the heart rate is mainly due to the mobile's LED flash, which becomes a continuous light source that illuminates your finger completely. In this way, the camera of your terminal is able to record the passage of blood and analyze the resulting image to obtain the heart rate of our beats.

Así puedes medir tu ritmo cardíaco con la cámara de tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

To start measuring your heart rate with your Xiaomi camera, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Health application (My Health).
  • Go to the Heart Rate section.
  • Next, click on the red button in the lower right corner.
  • Then, place your finger on the sensor , or the camera sensors, until they are completely covered. You should also cover the flash.
  • From this point the camera will begin to record your heart rate. You must wait for the loading bar that appears on the screen to reach 100% before removing your finger .

After finishing measuring your heart rate, the Mi Health app will give you the option to indicate your current physical condition . In this section you must specify if you are at rest, have exercised, or if you are moving.

Upon completion of this process, a detailed report of your current heart rate will appear on the screen along with an illustration of your pulse indicating whether it is fast, normal or slow .

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