The Xiaomi Pad 5 returns to Amazon with a discount of 30 euros

The Xiaomi Pad 5 returns to Amazon with a discount of 30 euros

The Xiaomi Pad 5, probably the most desired Xiaomi product of this final stretch of the year, has returned to Amazon and has done so with a discount of almost 10% that will allow you to take it for 30 euros less than its usual price.

Now you can buy the Xiaomi Pad 5 for only 369 euros on Amazon , one of the best valued platforms, especially for its after-sales service . In addition, for 399 euros you can also take it with a gift cover.

In addition, the Xiaomi Smart Pen is still on offer at Goboo . By applying the coupon offered by the platform you will get an extra discount of 20 euros on its official price so that you can equip your Xiaomi Pad 5 for less money.

Xiaomi Pad 5, the best quality / price tablet

The Xiaomi Pad 5 has become one of the most desired Xiaomi products of the moment. This is mainly due to its great quality / price ratio, which makes it a "10" product for practically any user .

La Xiaomi Pad 5 vuelve a estar en oferta con casi 100 euros de descuento. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Its 11-inch screen and WQHD + resolution make the Xiaomi Pad 5 one of the tablets with the best display on the market, to which is added a powerful Snapdragon 860 or a multi-speaker system that leaves no one indifferent.

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