HomeKit cameras: the best indoor and outdoor models

HomeKit cameras: the best indoor and outdoor models

The HomeKit cameras presented here support your smart home inside and outside. HomeKit is software from Apple that you can use to configure and control compatible smart home devices. We'll introduce you to three of the best Apple HomeKit cameras for indoor and outdoor use.

From André Gabriel

Anyone who relies on a certain technological provider automatically thinks about holistic solutions, because the products harmonize with one another in the best possible way. This also and especially applies to Apple devices. A HomeKit camera is compatible with Siri, the iPhone or iPad, the Apple Watch and Apple TV as well as the Home app from Apple – sometimes also with HomeKit Secure Video.

This allows users to set up a centralized security system for their home or office. In addition, automated links are possible: For example, a light can switch on when an outside camera registers movement.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

HomeKit Secure Video is a cloud solution from Apple to encrypt recordings and store them centrally at Apple – instead of at the camera manufacturer. However, not all HomeKit cameras are compatible with the service. Therefore, you need a designated Homekit Secure video camera if you want to automatically save the filmed material in iCloud.

The big advantage: You keep data protection issues under one company roof. This is especially useful if you basically agree with how Apple treats data protection. The security of personal data is becoming more and more important, especially with smart solutions. HomeKit Secure Video uses end-to-end encryption here.

Basis: With or without a cable?

If you are interested in a HomeKit camera, you have to make a fundamental decision in the first step, because cameras get their energy in two different ways: by battery or cable. Battery-operated devices are rarer, but generally more advantageous:

  • Easier to apply
  • Do not need a power source
  • There is no need to lay a cable
  • No potential pitfalls

To do this, you have to charge them regularly, while wired cameras get permanent power. However, the socket with outdoor HomeKit cameras should be protected from moisture.

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Apple HomeKit: indoor cameras

An indoor cam offers more security in buildings such as private houses, offices and workshops. As soon as a HomeKit camera detects movement, it informs you – for example with a notification on the iPhone. Burglaries can be interrupted because those affected can react immediately if such a situation occurs. The camera also records possible evidence. An indoor cam is also recommended to protect children, the elderly and pets. Cleverly installed, it can also answer the question whether you have turned off the stove at any time.

Eve Cam

Eve Systems currently offers the best HomeKit indoor camera because it is precisely tailored to Apple's products and technology and was specifically developed for HomeKit Secure Video. The protection of your privacy is paramount: The Eve Cam does not require any device registration or the like and therefore does not save any personal data.

The Eve Cam records full HD video in a 150-degree field of view. The HomeKit camera also has a night vision function for up to five meters and an infrared sensor that detects movements. Since the microphone and loudspeaker are integrated, you can communicate directly with others. The camera depends on a power source – a corresponding USB power supply is included.

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Aqara Camera Hub G2H

The Hub G2H from Aqara is a good alternative because it functions as a HomeKit camera and even supports Secure Video, but is also compatible with other devices. This is due to the built-in Zigbee hub. The technology is a smart home standard that allows a connection with manufacturers who also offer Zigbee products – including Samsung, Philips, Huawei and Somfy.

The wired Aqara camera records full HD videos and has a 140-degree field of view. It enables recordings at night and has AI technology that recognizes people and animals better. The HomeKit camera uses a two-way audio system for communication.

Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo camera complements the usual functions with sophisticated face recognition – it is said to be the only indoor camera that recognizes faces. This has the advantage that every family member can be identified. After that, the face data of the "permitted persons" are saved and the camera only reports corresponding deviations. In addition, the family members can be sure that their own privacy is secured, because the HomeKit camera from Netatmo does not record any pictures of identified faces if they wish.

The scope of delivery includes a microSD card on which the Full HD recordings are saved. In addition to the local backup, users can optionally save the footage in their personal Dropbox cloud. The recording area covers 130 degrees, the infrared night vision also enables pictures in complete darkness and a secure video support is integrated. By the way: The suffix "Welcome" is now out of date, even if the cam is still sometimes called that. Unfortunately, it does not have a battery.

The best home kit cameras: outdoor

Outdoor cameras can prevent break-ins as they arise. In addition, parents can comfortably watch their children or pets playing in the garden and intervene quickly if a dangerous situation arises. HomeKit cameras are also very suitable for monitoring an industrial outdoor area.

Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 HomeKit camera has a battery that lasts up to six months when fully charged. The manufacturer does not specify an IP certification, but describes the device as "UV and weather resistant".

When it comes to maximum video quality, the Arlo-Cam leads the way because it offers 2K HDR images. The 160-degree field of view covers large parts of the outdoor area – even in the dark, because the HomeKit camera has a night vision function and an effective headlight. Microphone and loudspeaker are directly integrated so that two-way communication is possible at any time.

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eufyCam 2C

The eufyCam 2C from eufy Security has a very good argument on its side: It is battery operated. Because most HomeKit cameras rely on a power cable, this is a real added value for many – especially since the runtime of a fully charged battery can reach six months. For this, the eufyCam 2C is linked to the use of a base station, which you connect to the WiFi router by cable.

Full HD video quality, night vision and a lamp that takes even better pictures in the dark are part of the equipment of the eufyCam 2C. There is also an optional siren that can surprise uninvited guests and make them flee. The IP67 protection class is also convincing, because the outdoor cam is by definition dustproof and protected against submersion for a maximum of half an hour to a water depth of one meter. The field of view is 140 degrees.

Logitech Circle View

The Circle View from Logitech is one of the best HomeKit cameras for outdoor use. It fits perfectly into the Apple product range and also supports Secure Video. Due to the IP64 protection class, the cam is completely protected against dust, but only against splashing water on all sides. Recordings can be easily analyzed with the Apple Home app.

With a resolution of up to 1080p, the Circle View, which also sees at night, guarantees first-class image quality. The two-way audio function enables easy conversations when someone is near the camera. The 180 degree field of view is particularly impressive. A setting can be used to prevent the Homekit-Secure-Video-Camera from permanently taking pictures of passing cars. It receives energy from a power cable.

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  1. HomeKit cameras are compatible with Apple's smart home software of the same name.
  2. There are wired and battery operated security cameras, with the former being the rule.
  3. You get HomeKit cameras that are precisely specialized for indoor or outdoor areas.
  4. HomeKit Secure Video enables the encrypted storage of recordings in iCloud.
  5. Important components are the field of view, video quality and weather resistance.

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