Thanks to Windows 11, I'll be staying with Microsoft

Thanks to Windows 11, I'll be staying with Microsoft

I was considering taking the plunge to macOS. Windows 11, however, convinced me to stay true to Microsoft's operating system – mainly because of the bold new design. But I don't understand one aspect of Windows 11.

Sometimes superficial reasons for or against a purchase decision are sufficient – the design of a smartphone, the brand logo on the laptop, the color of the refrigerator. I've been feeling this way with software recently.

Flirt with macOS

As a long-time Windows user since version 3.1, I've become more and more curious over the years about how macOS feels in everyday life. For me, it's primarily about design and user guidance – because the basic functions that I use in everyday life will be found on both systems. Ultimately, both Windows and macOS offer programs such as a browser, e-mail software or word processing.

macOS looks completely different to Windows – I could also say: fancier. Especially when I compare Windows 10 with the new macOS Monterey. Admittedly, this is not a completely fair comparison, since Windows 10 has been around for over six years, while macOS Monterey was only recently released. Still, compared to the "old" Windows 10, macOS looked tempting.


Flowing and multi-layered: Microsoft probably didn't choose the standard wallpaper for Windows 11 by chance. Image: © Microsoft 2021

Appearance: Windows 11

When the update info for Windows 11 flashed on my computer, I didn't hesitate to install it. And what should I say? The design appealed to me directly: I like the colors, fonts, the softer lines and animations, the logos, the tidy menus, the compact Explorer, in short: the feeling of being on the move in the system. Windows 11 runs cleanly on one computer and does what it should.

Windows 11 has a new effect. Modern, fresh and orderly – without exaggerating: Despite the past six years in which the appearance of Windows has hardly changed, Microsoft has not overcompensated for the new version with countless design gimmicks. I am positively surprised by Windows 11, have something new to try out and, accordingly, do without switching to Apple for the time being.

The drawback: the update policy

Despite the praise for the successful design, I also find it difficult to deal with the general update policy of Windows 11. Originally, Microsoft did not want another version to follow on Windows 10.

Then there are the high system requirements. Microsoft certainly has reasons to offer Windows 11 only for newer systems, especially data security. But does that fit into modern times? That as the owner of an older PC you have to buy a new one to get the latest software? If I had switched to macOS, I wouldn't have bought a new Mac, but a completely overhauled one. Microsoft's update policy with the strict hardware requirements unfortunately excludes a lot of people.

Microsoft, please enable Windows 11 on older systems! Just like to write that Windows 11 is not quite as secure on it as on a newer system – and explains what to look out for. Many users with older hardware would thank you. And then you would also enjoy the wonderfully fresh Windows 11.

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