Four options that you should activate right now on your Xiaomi

Four options that you should activate right now on your Xiaomi

Xiaomi, through its MIUI customization layer, offers almost infinite possibilities when it comes to configuring the device to our liking . Among its many options, we find numerous functions that will allow you to enjoy better performance, greater security, empty the memory of the terminal and even more protection for our eyes.

There are so many settings that MIUI has to offer that we decided to make a list with the four options that you should activate right now on your Xiaomi . If you want to know more about it, then read on:

So you can clear the cache automatically

Activating the automatic cache clearing is one of the simple MIUI tricks to improve the overall performance of the terminal . This option is in charge of emptying the cache of the device, while it is locked , after a predetermined time.

The process to activate it is quite easy, and you only need to follow these steps to do it:

  • Go to Settings> Battery .
  • Go to the upper right corner and hit the nut icon .
  • Next, in the section of " Lock screen settings ," pull down the menu of the function of " Clear the cache when the device is locked ."
  • Then change the value of " Never " to one of the other values. Although it is recommended to enter the value of " In 30 minutes ."

Protect your eyes with reading mode

The reading mode is one of the MIUI options to avoid eye strain and headaches . This mode is responsible for reducing the amount of blue light emitted by mobile phones by changing textures and colors on the screen .

It is recommended to activate the reading mode when night falls, so that our eyes do not tire so quickly while we are with the mobile . In the same way, the reading mode favors the conciliation of sleep , so it is advisable to have it activated before going to sleep.

Activate reading mode

You can activate the reading mode from the control center of your device. Likewise, you can also do it by following this route:

  • Go to Settings> Display.
  • Access the reading mode menu.
  • Check the read mode checkbox.

In addition to activating the reading mode, you can also program its on and off at a specific time . Similarly, it is recommended to use reading mode in conjunction with dark mode.

Locate your device in case of loss or theft

MIUI also gives you multiple options to protect your device from theft or loss . One of these functions is the possibility of locating the mobile in real time . For this you only need to have an active Mi account .

Locate your device

If you want to activate the location of your device, then you must follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings> Mi Account> Xiaomi Cloud .
  • Go to the " Special functions " section and activate the " Find device " option. In some cases, this option is enabled by default.

After activating the real-time location, you can get the location of your device by simply logging into your Mi account from a computer or other mobile , and then accessing Xiaomi Cloud. In this way, just click on " Find device " to find the current location of your mobile.

Accelerate the RAM of your Xiaomi with a simple click

To finish with the list, it is worth mentioning that MIUI has a very practical option to clean and speed up the RAM of your terminal . All you have to do is enter the Security app and create a shortcut that is responsible for cleaning the RAM cache with a simple click.

Speed up your device's RAM

If you are looking to get the most out of your RAM performance, then create this shortcut by following the steps below:

  • Enter the Security app.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the nut icon .
  • Press the option " Manage shortcuts ."
  • Check the box for the shortcut called " Clean ."

After activating the shortcut, you can now find a new icon on your device's desktop . It shows in its lower part a percentage that is related to the amount of free RAM . Just by pressing the icon, MIUI will execute a smart cleaning of the cache and other processes stored in RAM.

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