The first folding Xiaomi in shell format seems to be getting closer and closer

The first folding Xiaomi in shell format seems to be getting closer and closer

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with new types of smartphones. Although the Xiaomi Mix Fold has already surprised with its folding design, this will not be the only device of this type that we see from the company .

Apparently, as Digital Chat Station, a well-known Xiaomi specialized informant, has dropped, the company is fully working on a new folding-type smartphone but with a shell format , that is, very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

A possible "Xiaomi Mix Flip" would already be on the way.

Apparently, this new device that could end up being called Xiaomi Mix Flip , would already be in the process of production, being able to officially reach the market throughout this final stretch of the year or at the beginning of 2022 .

El primer Xiaomi plegable en formato concha parece estar cada vez más cerca. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos
Unofficial rendering of the supposed Xiaomi Mix Flip

In this way, the Xiaomi Mix Flip would become the first smartphone of this type from Xiaomi, resulting in a quite practical alternative for those who have not yet been convinced by the classic folding type models that we find in the market.

Meanwhile, we can only wait and see what Xiaomi has prepared for us. It would not be surprising if this information is true, in the coming weeks we will begin to receive new details about it .

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