This trick allows you to order the icons of your Xiaomi instantly

This trick allows you to order the icons of your Xiaomi instantly

MIUI has all kinds of functionalities. Among them we find a wide variety of gestures, allowing us to quickly and easily perform certain functions such as ordering the icons on the home screen instantly .

It is very common for the icons on the screen of our Xiaomi to get out of order. Well, simply by shaking our smartphone we can achieve that these are perfectly adjusted in a square way.

How to order the icons of your Xiaomi just by shaking it

To order a home screen of your Xiaomi instantly, you will only have to access the settings of said screen, either by holding down a finger on a free area or by pinching the screen itself , and then shake the terminal.

Este truco te permite ordenar los iconos de tu Xiaomi al instante. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In this way, all the application icons that you have on the selected home screen will be arranged automatically and in a grid. A fairly simple shortcut to use but very useful to maintain a better order.

And remember, in addition to these tricks, there are others that will allow you to improve the fluidity and performance of your Xiaomi , making it offer a much faster response. In articles like this you will find several tricks .

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