The camera of your Xiaomi will be updated with all these news

The camera of your Xiaomi will be updated with all these news

Xiaomi has just updated its camera application with three important new features that will undoubtedly improve the user experience and fluidity. A fairly important update, which we can already find in the latest MIUI Closed Beta.

In detail, Xiaomi has updated its camera application through the Closed Beta V21.11.3 , this being an exclusive version for the MIUI Chinese ROM but that we will probably see in the Global and European ROM shortly.

Important news comes to the MIUI camera application

As we are informed from MIUIes , thanks to this new update we can keep more modes previously used during the previous session, that is, we can keep the same beautification preferences, AI status or dynamic shots even if we close the application .

La cámara de tu Xiaomi se va a actualizar con todas estas novedades. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In addition, now we can also take a photograph by simply pressing the screen . Activating this new option we will be able to simply press on the objective to be photographed make the camera focus and then take the photograph.

Finally, among the new features of the camera application we find the possibility of adding it to the applications that start automatically with the system . In this way we can obtain better performance as it is started by default in the system.

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