HomePod Update: How Software Update

HomePod Update: How Software Update


Normally, a HomePod update is carried out automatically by the smart speaker. You can also start a software update on the Apple speaker manually. We explain how it works.

Update the HomePod manually

  1. Depending on which device is used, the latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS should be installed.
  2. Open the Apple Home app on the respective device. Then select "Home / House Icon> Home Settings> Software Update".
  3. Then select the HomePod toggle to turn automatic updates on or off.
  4. If a new software update is available for your HomePod, it will also appear in this menu. Tap "Update" to update the software. "Software update" also shows you whether your HomePod is already up to date and which HomePod software is installed.
  5. During the HomePod update, a white rotating light shines on the top of the smart speaker. The update can take some time – during this time it is important to keep the speaker connected to power and the Internet.
  6. When the HomePod update is installed, a corresponding message appears in the Home app and the rotating light stops.
HomePod update

A HomePod update can also be started manually in the Home app. Image: © Apple 2021


  • The Apple HomePod usually updates itself automatically.
  • You can also initiate an update manually in the Home app if more up-to-date software is available.
  • To do this, go to "Home / House Icon> Home Settings> Software Update" in the Home app.
  • Then find your HomePod and tap "Update".
  • The software update can take a few minutes, the light on the speaker glows white and rotates during this time.
  • The HomePod must be connected to power and the internet during the update.

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