75-inch TV: 7 huge TVs for home theater

75-inch TV: 7 huge TVs for home theater

TVs with a 75-inch screen and 4K resolution create a home cinema feeling. A projector is often superfluous, and good 75-inch TVs are available for less than 1,000 euros. Above all, a successful HDR display costs a generous surcharge.

1. LG 75UP75009LC: entry-level model for less than 1,000 euros


The LG 75UP75009LC offers a huge, high-resolution display for little money. Image: © LG 2021

With the 75UP75009LC, LG is offering a huge 4K LCD television for less than 1,000 euros. Despite the low price, the television has a very good picture quality.

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LG's webOS 6.0 operating system gives the smart television many convenient functions and the TV can also be easily controlled with a smartphone and integrated into the smart home. Despite HDR support, the device's dynamic range and color range are only in the middle class. Buyers have to make further compromises with the comparatively weak speakers and few connections. For less than 1,000 euros, the equipment and performance are perfectly fine.

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2. TCL 75C725: Inexpensive QLED TV with gaming feature


Large QLED TVs no longer cost a fortune, as the TCL 75C725 proves. Image: © TCL 2021

Thanks to QLED display technology, the TCL 75C725 offers a colorful and sharp picture and is comparatively cheap for a 75-inch 4K TV. The Smart TV is equipped with Android TV, has many smart functions and can also be operated via Alexa or the Google Assistant. Popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video are preinstalled on the device.

Thanks to HDMI 2.1 including Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), the huge TCL TV is also interesting for gamers. However, it does not have a variable refresh rate (VRR) and the maximum refresh rate is 60 Hertz.

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3. Samsung GQ75Q60A: Samsung's cheapest 75-inch QLED TV


The Samsung GQ75Q60A also offers good image quality. Image: © Samsung 2021

If you prefer to have a QLED TV from the display specialist Samsung, the GQ75Q60A is a good choice. It is the cheapest model from Samsung's QLED 4K TV range with 75 inches. The strengths of the TV include the good HDR picture quality, the wide viewing angle and the extensive Smart TV functions. The contrast and black level show weaknesses.

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4. LG 75NANO919PA: 120 Hertz and high viewing angle stability


Thanks to the 120 Hertz refresh rate, movements look particularly smooth. Image: © LG 2021

The 75NANO919PA costs a few hundred more than the first-mentioned 4K TVs in this list, but it also offers a generous consideration: Thanks to the 120-Hertz panel, movements are displayed particularly smoothly and sharply, which should be particularly pleasing to gamers. Since it is an IPS display (more precisely Nano IPS), the color and viewing angle stability is particularly good.

Even viewers who are not sitting in front of the television can still enjoy a clear picture. Thanks to the VRR and ALLM functions, the LG 75NANO919PA is also well suited for gaming. One of the weaknesses of the device is the mediocre contrast.

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5. Sony XR-75X90J: Brilliant picture thanks to full array local dimming


Full array local dimming turns films and games on the Sony XR-75X90J into a very special experience. Image: © Sony 2021

Buyers have to dig a little deeper into their pockets for the Sony XR-75X90J, but the extra charge is worth it. The 75-inch LED TV impresses with its excellent picture quality. This is ensured, among other things, by the "Full Array Local Dimming" function. This allows individual parts of the image to be lit brighter in a targeted manner, such as explosions in action films. Thanks to 120 Hertz, VRR and ALLM, the 4K TV is also perfect for owners of a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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6. Samsung GQ75QN90A: Top device for around 3,000 euros


The Samsung GQ75QN90A offers almost everything your heart desires. Image: © Samsung 2021

In the GQ75QN90A, Samsung combines quantum dot technology with a mini LED backlight. The result is one of the best TV displays ever. The screen convinces with rich colors and brilliant brightness. Thanks to the mini-LEDs, the full array local dimming works even more precisely than the Sony XR-75X90J and ensures a tremendous movie experience.

In addition, there are HDR, 120 Hertz, VRR (including AMD FreeSync) and ALLM, which should leave nothing to be desired by gamer. A solar-powered remote control and extensive smart TV functions complete the package. The TV cannot keep up with an OLED TV only when it comes to contrast and black levels.

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7. LG OLED77C17LB: The giant OLED


The LG OLED77C17LB offers a 77 inch display with perfect black levels. Image: © LG 2021

The LG OLED77C17LB is an equal opponent for the strong Samsung GQ75QN90A. In terms of contrast, it is even superior to its competitor. The OLED display technology ensures that the television achieves perfect black levels. In addition to a high-contrast display, the 77-inch OLED TV offers four HDMI 2.1 connections, a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, ALLM, VRR and even AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync. The TV is therefore not only suitable for console users, but also for PC owners.

However, the LG TV weakens in terms of brightness. However, this is not a weakness of the device itself, but a shortcoming of all OLED televisions. Therefore, the LG OLED77C17LB is more recommended for a dark environment.

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