YouTube Vanced: What can the app alternative do?

YouTube Vanced: What can the app alternative do?

YouTube Vanced is an alternative YouTube app for Android that has a lot more to offer than the Stock app. These include, for example, ad blocking, video playback in the background and a real dark mode. You can find out what else YouTube Vanced has to offer and how you can get the app here.

The Benefits of YouTube Vanced

The official YouTube app from Google already has the most important functions for watching videos on the smartphone – but it lacks a bit of convenience. A lot of advertising appears in the standard app, playing videos in the background requires a paid YouTube premium subscription and instead of a real dark mode, the official app only offers a dark design.

YouTube Vanced is much more comfortable. In this overview you can see the greatest advantages of the third-party app compared to the original:

  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Video playback in the background (even with the display switched off)
  • AMOLED dark mode (significantly blacker compared to the dark theme in the YouTube app)
  • Picture-in-picture playback (video continues to run in a small image section when switching apps, even without YouTube Premium)
  • Swipe gestures to wind up and change volume and brightness

Install YouTube Vanced: Here's how

Since YouTube Vanced is an alternative to the official YouTube app, Google naturally does not want to make the app available in the Play Store as a competitor to the original app. The reason: YouTube Vanced offers more features than the original and Google shouldn't like the ad blocker too much either. Therefore you have to download the app as an APK from the official homepage of the developer .

Be careful with APKs from unknown sources

Basically, you should be very careful when downloading APKs outside of the Play Store, as they can contain malware. You can download and install the APK from the official website without hesitation. Make sure, however, that you only download YouTube Vanced from the developer's official site.

Ready for more convenience while enjoying YouTube videos? If so, here are the step-by-step instructions for installing YouTube Vanced:


If you want, you can also install YouTube Music Vanced in addition to YouTube Vanced. Image: © Screenshot 2021

  1. Download the latest version of the Vanced Manager from the website. If your smartphone blocks the download because it is an APK from an unknown source, allow the download in the respective menu of your smartphone.
  2. Open the APK "manager.apk", allow the installation again if necessary and tap on "Install".
  3. The installation menu now opens. Now choose whether you want to install YouTube Music Vanced for the YouTube Music service in addition to YouTube Vanced and then tap on the arrow.
  4. In the next step, the app asks whether your device is rooted. If you have root rights on your smartphone, you can grant them with a click on the Magisk YouTube Vanced mask. If your smartphone is not rooted, press the arrow that says "nonroot" again.
  5. Then you land directly in the Vanced Manager. If your smartphone is not rooted, first install "Vanced microG" there. These are services that are required for YouTube Vanced to work on non-rooted smartphones. If your smartphone again points to unknown sources, allow the installation of the services.
  6. Then tap the button above to install "YouTube Vanced". Users with rooted smartphones only see this button because they do not need microG. Before you confirm the installation, you can change a few default settings, such as the language and the version. Important: If you want to use the AMOLED dark mode in YouTube, you should select the option "Light + Black" under Theme. Then click on "Install" and, if necessary, allow the installation from an unknown source again.
  7. Now you can close the Vanced Manager and open YouTube Vanced.

Don't forget: If you want the pitch black AMOLED dark mode, you have to select the option "light + black" under theme in step 6. Image: © Screenshot 2021

Setting up YouTube Vanced: Our recommendations

In theory, you could already start watching videos in YouTube Vanced – just like in the original YouTube app. However, some of the features we mentioned above are not yet activated. At this point we would like to give you a few recommendations as to which settings are worthwhile in YouTube Vanced. Which one you use in the end is of course up to you.

Sign in with your YouTube account

In order to continue to have access to your subscriptions and playlists and to be able to comment under videos, you have to log in with your YouTube account. It works like this:

  1. On YouTube Vanced, tap the profile icon at the top.
  2. Then press the "Register" button. A login mask for microG now follows. Then enter the email address and password of your YouTube account and you will be logged in with your account.

Activate dark mode


The dark modes in comparison: on the left the dark theme of the original YouTube app, on the right the AMOLED dark mode from YouTube Vanced Image: © Screenshot 2021

One advantage of YouTube Vanced over the Stock app is the AMOLED dark mode. If you have selected the theme when installing the app, choose it as follows:

  1. Tap the profile icon.
  2. Go to "Settings> General> Appearances" and select "Dark Design".

Remove advertisements

YouTube Vanced allows you to remove advertisements from the app's user interface, as well as promotional clips and banners. It is up to you whether you remove the advertising completely or just limit yourself to the annoying elements. You can find the advertising block settings in your profile under "Settings> Vanced Settings> Advertising Settings".

We recommend activating the following options:

  • General layout ad removal
  • Remove merchandise
  • Removal of community posts
  • Remove ads for movies under videos
  • Removal of compact banners
  • Compact film removal
  • Remove the film shelf
  • Removal of polls
  • Display of short videos
  • Community guidelines

Activate swiping gestures for brightness and volume

YouTube Vanced also offers you the option to conveniently control brightness and volume via swiping gestures. A swiping gesture on the left edge of the screen controls the brightness, on the right edge it adjusts the volume. You can find the two swiping gestures under "Settings> Vanced Settings> Swipe Control".

Activate background playback and picture-in-picture function

Anyone who listens to a lot of music on YouTube or consumes content where the audio rather than the video track is more important will benefit from the fact that YouTube Vanced can also play content in the background – without YouTube Premium. You can activate the feature under "Settings> Background & Downloads> Playback". Here you can choose between the options "Always on" or "Headphones or external speakers".


Practical: If you open another app while watching a video, the video continues in a small section. Image: © Screenshot 2021

If you want to do other things on your smartphone while watching videos, you should definitely activate the picture-in-picture function. You can find this under "Settings> General".

Is YouTube Vanced also available for iOS?

As the developers explain on the official website , YouTube Vanced is currently only available for Android and not for iOS devices. When and whether an iOS version will be released is not revealed on the website. However, the developers suggest the iOS app YouTube ++ as an alternative to YouTube Vanced.

However, installing the app is a little more complex for iOS devices without a jailbreak. If you want to try the YouTube alternative for iOS, you will find instructions on the YouTube Vanced website on how iOS users can install YouTube ++ on devices with and without jailbreak.


  • YouTube Vanced is an alternative YouTube app for Android smartphones that offers many additional features such as an ad blocker, background playback and a picture-in-picture function.
  • To use YouTube Vanced, the Vanced Manager app must first be downloaded from the official developer site. Users with rooted smartphones can download the latest version of YouTube Vanced directly in the manager, users without root rights still need the microG services.
  • YouTube Vanced is currently only available for Android, an alternative for iOS is the YouTube ++ app.

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