Every year again: 15 legendary Christmas episodes from series

Every year again: 15 legendary Christmas episodes from series

As soon as the first gingerbread and chocolate Santa Clauses populate the shelves of the discounters, it will also be festive on TV. From "The Big Bang Theory" to the "Simpsons" to "The X-Files": There are Christmas episodes in pretty much every series. However, the following iconic Christmas specials are not always contemplative.

From Michael Schock

"The Peanuts" – "Merry Christmas"

Neurotic, melancholic and, for that very reason, lovable: Of course, Charlie Brown comes over just in time for the Xmas blues festival. The jazzy Christmas special of the cult cartoon series was broadcast in the USA as early as 1965. As usual, the 25 minutes are full of wisdom for young and old.Highlight of this Christmas episode: Linus' address to the Bible.

"South Park" – "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas poop"

The anarcho students from the tranquil "South Park" gave us one of the most memorable Christmas episodes in their first season in 1997 – because they made a lot of shit here. Literally, because we're talking about Mr. Hankey, the little pile of shit in the Xmas hat that appears to Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan. A particularly golden-brown cartoon Christmas special for friends of rough holiday humor.

"Modern Family" – "The bells never ring faster"

The Dunphys, Pritchetts and Tuckers are inseparable and of course they also celebrate Christmas together. But what happens if nobody has time on the holidays? Then the festival of love in season 3 will be brought forward to December 16 as "Express Christmas". Everyone rushes to get presents, a Christmas tree and food. Even if the current heat wave does not want to create a Christmas mood.

"Roseanne" – "Long live the kitsch"

US working-class families have seldom been staged as charmingly as in "Roseanne". "White Trash Christmas" is appropriately called the Christmas episode from 1993. Among other things, there is a lot of trouble in the episode because of the tasteless Christmas decorations in the Conner household. Who wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas with the cynical Antimama Roseanne and Papa Dan aka John Goodman? There may be another opportunity soon, because the US sitcom is set to celebrate its revival in March 2018.

"The Simpsons" – "It's hard Christmas"

The best-known yellow cartoon family in the world naturally has dozens of episodes to offer around the most important festival of the year. The highlight of the "Simpsons" Christmas episodes is still "It's Christmas hard" ("Roasting on an Open Fire") from 1989, at the same time the very first Christmas special about Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie. Because here the chaotic family runs their dog Knecht Ruprecht (in the original sound "Santa's Little Helper") – when the bankrupt Homer unsuccessfully bets on him in the dog race. There is still the real retro charm of the cult series.

"A terribly nice family" – "From heaven high"

Before the now 70-year-old Ed O'Neill accused the "Modern Family" as the grumpy father of a family – as a shoe salesman Al Bundy he ranzed "A terribly nice family". In the Christmas episode from 1987 from the second season, Santa Claus has an accident in the garden of the chubby Bundys – the chance for Al to vent his frustration even as nasty Santa Claus!

Theme week "More for you"

Unfortunately, the family often comes up short in hectic everyday life. It is the place where we can withdraw and experience love, support and peace. The theme week “More for you” therefore focuses on offers that enrich family life and allow us to get closer to our loved ones.

"Family Guy" – "Christmas Guy"

A pet is like a family member. All fans of the anti-flagship Griffin clan, who had to cope with the death of the dog Brian in the 12th season of the animated series, would probably subscribe to this statement. Fortunately, it turned out in the subsequent "Family Guy" Christmas episode that not only cats have nine lives – Brian was saved from certain death by means of a time machine.

"Scrubs" – "My Christmas Miracle"

The cult comedy series "Scrubs" also has a contemplative episode called "My Christmas Miracle". The young doctors around JD (Zach Braff) and Turk also have to struggle with a festive patient chaos, but thanks to the countless gags about Dr. Cox, the caretaker, and Dr. Kelso for one of the funniest Christmas specials in series history. And finally, no bromance is more beautiful than the one between the two main characters.

"King of Queens" – "Christmas with the King of Queens"

Choosing one of the numerous "Kings of Queens" Christmas episodes is definitely not an easy one, as the festival of love in the Heffernan house caused a lot of hustle and bustle every year. For those who are undecided, there is therefore the DVD "Christmas with the King of Queens", a best of all episodes about the Xmas chaos with Carrie and Doug.

"The X Files" – "The Ghosts I Called"

With their mini comeback, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny satisfied many fans of the mystery series in February 2016 – another sequel to the story of the skeptical Dana Scully and the alien disciple Fox Mulder will start in early 2018 with season 11. In season 6 from 1999, the two FBI agents deal with a haunted house in which a pair of ghosts are up to mischief.

"Futurama" – "Xmas Story"

In the science fiction animation series by "Simpsons" father Matt Groening, things are usually more biting and satirical than in the yellow family, thanks to Bender, a robot who is well tried and tested. In the Christmas episode of the second season from 1999, Santa Claus is also an android – albeit a nasty, rightly feared Terror-Santa (originally spoken by John Goodman), who heats up Fry, Zoidberg and Co. with a machine gun.

"The Big Bang Theory" – "The Gift Hypothesis"

Anyone who absolutely hates looking for gifts for relatives and friends has probably found a soul mate in head nerd Sheldon (Jim Parsons). However, the "Big Bang Theory" Christmas episodes have taught us: Sometimes a real Saturnalia miracle happens and even the biggest holiday grouch suddenly has fun giving presents – at the latest when he holds a napkin from Spock actor Leonard Nimoy in his hands.

"The Office" – "Christmas Party"

No Christmas without an in-house Christmas party – and the corresponding embarrassing slip-up towards the superiors. For the office neurotics from the US "Office" with Steve Carell, it goes really wrong with the Secret Santa because someone had to exaggerate hopelessly and give away an iPod, despite the 20 euro limit. The Christmas episode of the second season from 2005 is therefore a timeless memorial against the exchange of gifts at work.

"Downton Abbey" – "A Proposal for Love"

May it be very British for Christmas? Then celebrate with the English aristocratic family Crawley in 1919 in Yorkshire. In the first of all "Downton Abbey" Christmas episodes, Matthew proposes to Lady Mary in the snow – more romance is not possible!

"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" – "A winter night's dream"

A new addition to the Christmas episodes is the winter special for Netflix's reboot series "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina". For the Spellmans, the festive days are literally bewitched – including evil Santas and witch traditions for the winter solstice.

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