HTC Vive Flow: New VR glasses to ensure well-being

HTC Vive Flow: New VR glasses to ensure well-being

HTC unveiled the new Vive Flow VR glasses on Thursday. In terms of design and hardware, the manufacturer is taking a different approach this time. The "Immersive Glasses" are not intended for gaming, but primarily for wellness.

As several leaks have already indicated , HTC unveiled the Vive Flow on Thursday. The design of the new VR glasses is similar to classic glasses. Instead of a box with a headband – as is the case with the Oculus Quest 2, for example – the Vive Flow has two temples and two golden "glasses". The headset can be worn like conventional glasses. You can also adjust the diopters individually inside the device. This means that people who wear glasses do not have to wear their visual aids on their noses.

External battery required

Content is transferred from the smartphone to the VR glasses via Bluetooth 5.0 – only Android devices are compatible. The power comes from an external battery that is connected to the Vive Flow via a USB-C cable. HTC is promoting the headset, which weighs 189 grams, among other things as a television for on the go with a field of view of up to 100 degrees.

Films and series are displayed in front of your eyes on two 2.1-inch LCD screens with a resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 pixels. HTC specifies the refresh rate as 75 Hertz. The smartphone functions as a remote control in this mode. If desired, the screens can be set to transparent so that the wearer can still see his surroundings.

VR glasses should relax users

But HTC doesn't see the Vive Flow just as a portable television. The glasses are also a virtual office in which those willing to work can isolate themselves from a hectic environment. At VR concerts, on the other hand, the Vive Flow can offer an immersive audiovisual experience. Stereo speakers are integrated into the glasses for this purpose. Optionally, however, Bluetooth headphones can also be connected.

In addition, the glasses are ideal for meditation and ASMR experiences (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) – the experience of visual and acoustic stimuli such as the crackling of paper, which are supposed to have a relaxing effect on the body. Users can find the corresponding content on HTC's Viveport VR platform, which requires an additional subscription for around 6 euros per month.

The Vive Flow can be pre-ordered now and costs 549 euros. The bag and battery for the VR glasses are available separately.

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