Five habits that damage the battery of your Xiaomi and that you should stop doing

Five habits that damage the battery of your Xiaomi and that you should stop doing

Caring for the mobile battery is a matter of great importance. Since it is a delicate element, making improper use of this could lead to further degradation and therefore greatly reduce their autonomy.

Many choose tricks to save battery , although in reality these must be complemented by abandoning those habits that are harmful to the battery of your Xiaomi , Redmi or POCO , which we will explain.

You know the most frequent habits that damage the battery of your Xiaomi

Although it seems obvious, many of our habits are detrimental to the life of the battery. For that same reason, below we mention the five habits that do the most damage to the battery of your Xiaomi .

1. Charge the mobile overnight

Since the mobile is used continuously during the day, it is common for many people to decide to charge their terminals at bedtime. Of course, it is the most comfortable but not the most cost-effective option for the battery .

Overcharging your Xiaomi battery

Leaving the mobile connected for long hours can seriously damage the state of the battery. Some high-end mobiles are capable of cutting off the power supply once the device reaches a predetermined percentage, or of slowing down the charging speed .

However, a large majority of terminals suffer from this unnecessary overhead . The best thing to do to take care of your Xiaomi battery is to charge the device only when necessary .

2. Expose the terminal to extreme heat

High temperatures is a factor that also wreaks havoc on a mobile battery. For a terminal to function properly, it must be in an environment with a temperature between 20 ° C to 35 ° C. From the MIUI settings you can know the temperature of your Xiaomi battery , in order to verify that it is in the ideal range.

Cinco hábitos que dañan la batería de tu Xiaomi y que debes dejar de hacer. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

If the temperature is above 40 ° C, then it is preferable to charge your device in a cooler environment . In the same way, try not to leave the mobile in direct sunlight since it is also highly damaging to the battery.

Also, do not leave the mobile charging under the pillow , since the terminal generates heat during this process, which it needs to dissipate. If you put the pillow on it, what you do is that the temperature of the battery increases, which is problematic.

3. Install non-original batteries

No uses baterías no originales en tu Xiaomi

In case of taking your device to an unauthorized technical service place, make sure they use original batteries . In the past it was very common to use batteries from other brands to replace a damaged or worn out mobile battery. However, today this is no longer a feasible solution.

In fact, currently MIUI is able to detect non-original batteries and slow down their charging speed . For this reason, instead of saving a few euros, the most recommended is to take the mobile to an authorized agent .

4. Use non-original chargers

Along the same lines of the previous habit is the use of non-original chargers to power the battery. Poor quality chargers detract from the performance and durability of the terminal battery by not providing the required voltage.

Similarly, using a non-original charger to charge your Xiaomi battery can cause other elements of the device to be damaged . Therefore, it is always advisable to drop a few euros more and buy an original Xiaomi charger.

5. Charge the mobile too often

It is not necessary to charge the battery of a Xiaomi mobile every time it loses 5% of charge. In fact, charging a terminal too often can shorten battery life . If the mobile has 70%, 40% or 20 charge, it is not necessary to connect it to the charger.

Habits that damage the battery of your Xiaomi

It is recommended to wait until the battery reaches 10% or less of battery and then charge it. Of course, do not let it reach 0% unless you want to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi .

In the same way, it is advisable to disconnect the mobile from the charger when it reaches 80% . This makes the battery last much longer.

Bonus: use very heavy applications while charging the mobile

Making use of the camera, games or any other heavy application while charging the mobile negatively influences the health of the battery. These types of applications cause the processor to generate a lot of heat, which adds to the heat generated by the battery charge .

This combination degrades the battery, consequently its useful life is drastically reduced. The best and most advisable thing is not to interact with the mobile while it is charging , or to use it for specific things such as replying to a message.

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