From light to security: these devices are compatible with Google Nest

From light to security: these devices are compatible with Google Nest

The Google Nest smart home system is currently compatible with over 10,000 devices from more than 1,000 providers. Keeping an overview is a challenge. We make it easier for you to find your way around and name useful devices that get along with Google Nest and the associated language assistant, the Google Assistant.


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You can tell whether a smart home device is compatible with Google Nest by the "Works with Google Nest" or "Works with the Google Assistant" logo. It identifies devices that work with the Google smart home system and the associated voice assistant.

Smart speakers and intelligent displays as a control center


Google Nest Audio acts as the hub for your smart home. Image:

If you want to control your smart home not only via app but also on demand, you first need a smart speaker, i.e. an intelligent loudspeaker, or a smart display. The loudspeaker or display must of course be compatible with the smart home system of your choice, the selection is particularly large for Google Nest and the Google Assistant voice assistant.

On the one hand, there are the devices that Google makes itself. The smart speakers Nest Audio and Nest Audio Mini are all suitable as a central control unit for your intelligent home. You can also control your smart home with the Google Nest Hub smart display.

On the other hand, there are numerous third-party devices for voice control via the Google Assistant. The Lenovo Smart Display , the Sonos One loudspeaker and the Bose Home Speaker 300, for example, get along with the Google voice assistant.

The smart home starter package

At SATURN you get all the basics you need in your smart home, such as:

Lighting for your Google Smart Home

If you have selected a smart speaker or an intelligent display as the central control unit, you can get started and transform your home into a smart home. Many beginners take the lighting first.

The smart lamps and lighting solutions from the Philips Hue range are particularly popular. They get along with Google Nest and are also available for outdoor use.

The color-changing lighting systems Aurora and Canvas from the manufacturer Nanoleaf and the lights from Ledvance are also popular.

Lamp manufacturer Osram is starting with the smart product lines Lightify and Osram Smart +. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to Philips Hue, for example, you are well advised to buy the bulbs from Lifx or Tradfri, the smart lighting series from furniture manufacturer Ikea.

A smart little light is burning …

… very easily with the intelligent products from Philips Hue , Nanoleaf or Lifx .

Smart sockets make your 0815 devices intelligent

Intelligent sockets allow you to make your conventional devices smart: You simply insert them as an adapter in normal sockets. Then they ensure that you can switch conventional devices such as television, radio or kettle on and off on demand. Many intelligent sockets also record the power consumption and help you to keep track of things.

For example, the smart HS110 socket from TP-Link is compatible with Google Nest, and the manufacturer D-Link also has corresponding devices on offer. Belkin has smart sockets WeMo Insight Switch and WeMo Switch, where you can also set up automated processes thanks to IFTTT functionality. For example, if you instruct the Google Assistant to switch on the TV set in the living room with a voice command, the smart socket simultaneously switches on the floor lamp in the corner for cozy lighting.

Another well-known provider is Hama , whose smart WLAN socket offers not only Google Home compatibility, but also IFTTT capability and intelligent power recording.

Home appliances that listen to the Google Assistant

Some household chores are just annoying! Vacuuming is high on the list of many users. How good that there are intelligent vacuum robots that also listen to your smart home assistant!

Devices from Eufy, iRobot, and Neato, among others, are compatible with Google Nest. But be careful: The Neato vacuum robots currently only listen to English voice commands. And if you have defined areas with the app that the household helpers should avoid, the vacuum robots do not pay attention to these "no-go areas" when you send them on the trip by voice command (status: August 2019).

Clever household helpers

Just let a machine help around the house every now and then. This saves you time and nerves. App-controlled vacuum robots , for example, are particularly practical.

Vacuum robots are by no means the only smart household helpers that make your life easier. Washing machines, ovens, stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators are also becoming increasingly intelligent and are increasingly listening to your word. The connection to Google Nest ensures that you can, for example, instruct your oven to preheat itself to the desired temperature using a voice command to the Google Assistant. And you tell the dishwasher to start washing up.

Control thermostats with the Google Assistant

With smart thermostats , the temperature in your smart home can be controlled by voice command. Devices from Bosch, Tado, Netatmo and Ecobee, among others, are compatible with Google Nest. Google also has its own intelligent thermostat at the start with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The advantages of intelligent thermostats are obvious: You can always keep your home at the perfect temperature and at the same time have an eye on your heating costs, which can also be reduced with the help of the smart devices. For example, you can turn down the heating output when nobody is at home and bring your home back to a comfortable temperature before you come home.

With Google Nest, televisions listen to your word

set up google-chromecast

With Google Chromecast, you can make any TV smart. Image:

Thanks to Google Nest, the remote control can stay in the drawer, your TV set will listen to your word in the future. This works particularly easily with a current Android TV from Sony , Philips , LG or TCL . Voice control via Google Assistant is straightforward here, you just have to connect your smart TV to your Google Nest system. Models from Samsung and Panasonic should also gradually receive this functionality.

If you don't have a television that understands itself with the Google Assistant, you can retrofit voice control. The Chromecast streaming devices from Google make it possible, the only requirement is a free HDMI connection on the television.

Control blinds, shades and curtains via Google Nest

Controlling roller blinds, curtains or blinds with the Smart Home Assistant – this is not only practical during your vacation, when you want to pretend presence in order to protect against burglary. It is also very convenient in everyday life to raise and lower the privacy screen with a voice command.

The functionality is not yet very widespread, currently, among other things, roller shutters and roller blinds from the French provider Somfy can be integrated into a Google Smart Home via IFTTT. And furniture manufacturer Ikea has smart roller blinds with Fyrtur and Kadrilj that even get along directly with the Google Assistant.

In addition, there are retrofit solutions for conventional roller blinds such as the smart motor from Soma. The box is connected to the pull cord of the roller blind and, in combination with the central control device, the Soma-Connect-Device, ensures that the privacy screen opens and closes on demand.

A smart plus in security

Is the front door actually locked? If you have installed an intelligent door lock, you no longer have to worry about it in the future. The so-called Smart Locks enable doors to be locked and unlocked remotely and automatically unlocked when you come home after work. Various smart locks are compatible with Google Nest, including the August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro as well as the Ring video doorbell.

For added security, there are numerous systems compatible with Google Nest, for example from Gigaset, Netatmo and Arlo. Google itself also has various options in its program, from surveillance cameras to complete alarm systems. With a command to the Google Assistant, the devices show you, for example, who has rung the doorbell or point you to uninvited guests in the garden.

The extra security at SATURN

SATURN has smart products for an even safer home:

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