9 hidden tricks for Google Chromecast with Google TV

9 hidden tricks for Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google Chromecast with Google TV offers a huge entertainment package and is still very easy to operate thanks to the practical remote control. But there's a lot more to the streaming stick. With these tips and tricks you can get the most out of Google Chromecast with Google TV!


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1. Guests are welcome: Chromecast with Google TV without WiFi

A streaming stick without WiFi is useless, right? Not correct! In guest mode , Google Chromecast builds its own small network with Google TV. So you can still use some functions. The guest mode is actually intended so that your visitors can send content to the stick even without access to your WLAN.

2. From the PC to the TV: It's easy with Google Chrome

While it was quite awkward to stream content from the PC to a screen with the first versions of Google Chromecast, it has become child's play with Google Chromecast with Google TV. Simply open your Chrome browser, click on the three dots next to your account in the top right corner and then on "Stream".

Now you have the choice under "Sources" what exactly you want to transfer to the screen. You can choose from your browser tab, your entire desktop ("stream desktop") or certain files ("stream file"). The latter function allows you to stream video and audio files from your PC or Mac with Chromecast, for example.

3. Present like a pro: Use Google presentations with Chromecast

google chromecast with google tv presentations

With Google Chromecast with Google TV, you can bring your Google presentations from your smartphone or laptop to a big screen. Image: © Google / Screenshot 2021

Google Chromecast with Google TV can not only be used for entertainment. Would you like to easily transfer a presentation to a television or projector? Then connect Chromecast to the playback device of your choice, connect your PC, laptop or smartphone to the same WLAN that Chromecast uses, open Google presentations and use the "Stream" option to broadcast your presentation on the big screen.

4. Google Chromecast with Google TV brings order to the streaming jungle


Are you looking for a specific film? Google Chromecast with Google TV knows from which streaming provider the film is available. Image:

You want to watch a certain film or series, but you have absolutely no idea which provider to look for? No problem! Google Chromecast with Google TV tells you when you search whether the film or series is already included in your subscriptions to linked streaming providers.

If not, Google Chromecast with Google TV shows you all streaming portals on which you can find the film or series – including the prices. This is how you get your dream film at the best price.

5. Dust off 3 months of YouTube Premium

If you don't have a streaming stick yet or are currently looking for a successor to an older Chromecast model, now would be the best time to buy a Google Chromecast with Google TV. Why? Because you will get a three-month YouTube Premium subscription with your purchase until January 16, 2022. So you can enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube completely without commercial breaks. And YouTube Music Premium is included for perfect listening pleasure.

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6. The television as a selfie mirror

The transfer of the entire screen with Chromecast can not only be used to watch videos. Simply open the camera app on your smartphone while transmitting the screen. This turns the television into a huge viewfinder when taking photos. This is particularly suitable for group photos with many people.

Or you can simply use the TV as a mirror for selfies. You can use the better cameras on the back of the smartphone and still have a screen on which you can keep an eye on your poses.

7. Chromecast + Powerbank = Chromecast to go

Google Chromecast with Google TV really only needs one thing to work: power. But this does not necessarily have to come from a socket. A power bank also fulfills the purpose, because the power consumption of the streaming stick is negligible. If there is no longer a free socket, a power bank is sufficient for emergency operation. Alternatively, you can also use a USB port on the television as a power source.

8. Stadia + Chromecast with Google TV: Console gaming without a console


You can also play comfortably on the television without a console – Chromecast with Google TV makes it possible. Image:

Thanks to Stadia, you can stream high-quality games on your PC, smartphone and tablets. The quality of the cloud streaming service is in no way inferior to domestic consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. But how do you play Stadia games on TV? With Chromecast with Google TV, of course!

Stadia and Chromecast with Google TV bring tons of game highlights to your TV. And you don't even need a console for that. And if you don't want to get a Stadia subscription straight away, the gaming experience is also a size smaller. You can also play your smartphone games on your TV via Chromecast.

9. If nothing works: a hard reset is that easy


Your Google Chromecast with Google TV refuses to work? With a longer press on the button under the LED you reset it to its factory state. Image:

Like any technical device, Google Chromecast can refuse to use Google TV. In this case it is worth performing a hard reset, which resets the streaming stick to the delivery state.

Resetting is super easy: Just hold the button on Google Chromecast with Google TV for several seconds. After a few seconds the LED flashes orange. Hold the button down until the LED glows white continuously. If you have connected Google Chromecast with Google TV to a television, you will see a message there that the hard reset is being carried out. Then your Google Chromecast with Google TV is like new again.

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