The new Victus 16 from HP with AMD chip: Top for gaming & everyday life

The new Victus 16 from HP with AMD chip: Top for gaming & everyday life

A display with 144 Hertz, speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen – and a more than fair price: the powerful 16-inch Victus by HP notebook with AMD processor and Nvidia graphics is ideal for gaming, school, studies and everyday life.

Smooth gaming with the best graphics

Whether you want to play games, do your homework or edit photos: With the HP Victus 16 you get a powerful notebook for all purposes . An AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with eight cores and 16 threads provides the necessary computing power. Paired with 16 GB of RAM at a clock rate of 3,200 MHz, the processor delivers enough power for gaming with high refresh rates. You can enjoy your games smoothly with up to 144 frames per second on the large 16.1 inch display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

HP Victus 16 teaser image

You can play your games on the large 144 Hertz display without cracking the picture. Image: © HP 2021

The Nvidia RTX 3060 provides great graphics with the latest technologies such as ray tracing , which simulates lighting conditions in real time. You can only start "Metro Exodus" in the Enhanced Edition with an appropriate graphics card such as the RTX 3060. Raytracing gives other games like "Minecraft", "Control" and "Fortnite" more realism and graphics that really look like next-gen.


The powerful cooling ensures consistently high performance. Image: © HP 2021

Another important Nvidia RTX feature: DLSS . The AI-supported technology Deep Learning Super Sampling sharpens image content while playing. So the graphics card can calculate the game in a lower resolution than you see it on the screen. That means more FPS, more frames per second in DLSS-compatible games like Death Stranding and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Thanks to the sophisticated cooling technology, the HP Victus 16 also delivers consistently high gaming performance.

Equipped for school and study

hp victus 16 laptop notebook

With its restrained design, the HP Victus 16 doesn't look like a gaming laptop. Image: © HP 2021

With its 100% coverage of the sRGB color space, the large screen is also suitable for image processing. So that not only the eyes, but also the ears are pampered, sound is provided by two loudspeakers that have been tuned by the sound experts from Bang & Olufsen. Thanks to the HD camera with dual-array digital microphones, you can take part in good quality school lessons via the web and online seminars. Wi-Fi 6 ensures a fast and stable internet connection, provided you have a suitable router.

Because of the narrow bezels on the sides and top, the 16.1-inch screen is housed in a slim case that is hardly larger than that of classic 15.6-inch laptops. Practical: the subtle design doesn't scream "gamer", the notebook can also be seen as a work device from the outside. After all, you usually don't gamble with it, but dutifully type your homework or seminar papers …


The HP Victus 16 doesn't skimp on connections. Image: © HP 2021

For work, it is useful that you can connect the laptop to two monitors. Once via USB-C with DisplayPort 1.4 signal and once via HDMI 2.1. With the supplied HP adapter, you can charge the device quickly: Shut down the laptop and the battery will be 50 percent full again in half an hour. Apart from that, there is a LAN connection, three USB-A ports and a headset connection. To transfer the photos to the HP Victus 16 for image processing, you use the built-in SD card reader. Thanks to the 1 TB SSD, a lot of games and data fit on the notebook.

Excellent value for money


The AMD version of the HP Victus 16 is available for 1,499 euros. Image: © HP 2021

Despite all these advantages, the HP Victus 16 with an AMD processor is available at an MSRP of only 1,499 euros . It will be delivered from August 31st.

This article was made possible by HP.

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