PS4 racing game with split screen: 8 racers for joint sessions

PS4 racing game with split screen: 8 racers for joint sessions

Back in the days of the PlayStation 2, split-screen racers were still in abundance. On the PS4, however, racing games that support split-screen multiplayer appear to be almost extinct. We went on a search and still found eight good PS4 racing games with split screen.

1. "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled"

Release : June 20, 2019

Developer : Beenox

Recommended for : Fun racer fans with a love for bag badgers

"Crash Team Racing" is one of the most popular fun racers, along with "Mario Kart". In 2019, with "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled", a remaster of the PS1 classic from 1999 was finally released. In addition to pimped graphics and additional tracks, the racing game now also offers an online multiplayer mode including special events.

For exciting duels on the couch, a split-screen mode should of course not be missing. Even four players can easily compete against each other in local co-op on a correspondingly large television. In addition to classic races, "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" also offers various battle modes in which you fight for victory with other players with power-ups in arenas.

2. "Team Sonic Racing"

Release : May 21, 2019

Developer : Sega

Recommended for : fun racer fans with a heart for the blue hedgehog

If your heart beats for the fast blue hedgehog rather than the wacky bag roofer, then "Team Sonic Racing" is the perfect choice for you. The fun racer is at least as much fun as "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" and can also be played with up to four players on the split screen.

Compared to other fun racers, "Team Sonic Racing" has another special feature: a focus on cooperative gameplay. Of course, you can compete against your friends in the classic 1vs1 mode in split-screen. But you can also compete together as a team against computer-controlled opponents. At the end of a race, it is not your individual performance that counts, but your entire team performance. So you have to support each other in the races, share power-ups and work together to win the Grand Prix.

3. "Horizon Chase Turbo"

Release : May 15, 2018

Developer : Aquiris Game Studio

Recommended for : retro fans and synthesizer lovers

With its retro style, "Horizon Chase Turbo" is strongly reminiscent of racing games from the 80s and 90s. Grab a hot sled with your play partner and race down slopes from all over the world to stylish synthesizer sounds. The 16-bit polygon graphics, in combination with the brightly colored neon colors, exude a very special retro charm.

"Horizon Chase Turbo" should also appeal to fans of arcade racers with its simple gameplay. Before you start, you don't have to tinker with your car for perfect driving characteristics. Just choose a speedster with fixed characteristics and hit the gas on the slopes. And the game doesn't look so tight either if you occasionally push a competitor off the track or dent their bodies.

4. "Gran Turismo Sport"

Release : October 17, 2017

Developer : Polyphony Digital

Recommended for : Simulation fanatics

The "Gran Turismo" series goes back to PS1 and even then set standards in terms of realism and graphics. With "Gran Turismo Sport" the first offshoot for the PS4 was released in October 2017 and this time the game was bursting with realism – with over 200 licensed vehicles, a large selection of real racetracks plus a few fictional tracks and driving behavior like real cars is to be expected.

While most developers have removed the split screen from their games for PS4 racing games, "Gran Turismo Sport" has remained true to itself. The special thing about the split-screen mode is the HUD with many technical details. Below the game screen, for example, useful information about the tank filling, tire wear or ABS is displayed.

5. "Wipeout Omega Collection"

Release : June 6, 2017

Developer : EPOS Game Studios

Recommended for : speed junkies

The "Wipeout Omega Collection" includes the remasters of "Wipeout HD" and "Wipeout 2048". The special thing about this racing game series is the setting in the future. Here you don't hunt with normal racing cars, but with floating ships that can reach extremely high speeds over futuristic routes.

Similar to "Mario Kart", the races are made even more interesting with power-ups. But be careful: the ships have a life indicator in "Wipeout". If this drops to zero, your ship explodes and the race is over. Thanks to the power-ups and the extremely high speed, the "Wipeout Omega Collection" is a lot of fun, especially on split screen against friends.

6. "Trackmania Turbo"

Release : March 22, 2016

Developer : Nadeo

Recommended for : stunt drivers & fans of fun racers

"Trackmania Turbo" is an arcade racer distributed by Ubisoft. Anyone who values realism in racing games is at the wrong address, because in "Trackmania" the focus is on having fun. The game includes a whopping 200 totally crazy routes on which you can race alone or with your friends or do breakneck stunts. And if that's not enough for you, you can create more courses in the route editor or download creations from other players.

The split-screen mode of "Trackmania Turbo" even supports up to four players. With a sufficiently large screen, you can play with up to three friends at the same time on one screen. A perfect party game for racing game lovers.

More space, more fun

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7. "Riptide GP: Renegade"

Release : July 26, 2016

Developer : Vector Unit

Recommended for : "Wave Race" nostalgics with lots of friends

"Riptide GP: Renegade" shows that racing action doesn't always have to take place on the road. In the game you jet with hydrojets through wild waters, canals and sometimes over sections of the route where there is no water at all. On the interactive routes you often have to avoid obstacles and perform tricks when jumping to fill your boost meter. The game has a career mode where you can gain experience and money to improve your driver and your hydrojet.

The game is only really fun in multiplayer. "Riptide GP: Renegade" is also a split-screen PS4 racing game that even supports up to six players.

8. "Rocket League"

Release : July 7, 2015

Developer : Psyonix

Recommended for : racing drivers who also like to kick a lap

"Rocket League" is not a racing game in the usual sense, but at least a game with cars – and given the shortage of good PS4 racing games with split screen, you can hopefully forgive us for listing this game. Not that much needs to be said about the principle of the game: two teams try to push an oversized ball into the opposing team's goal with their cars. And because that's not spectacular enough, the vehicles can fly briefly when their boost is used or drive along the walls and ceiling of the arena. The obligatory power-ups should of course not be missing.

Just like with "FIFA", the car soccer only really gets you in the mood in multiplayer and the split-screen mode works perfectly for "Rocket League". So if you and your friends can't agree on whether you prefer to play "FIFA" or a racer, just throw "Rocket League" into the console.

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