Seven themes with which to customize your Xiaomi to another level

Seven themes with which to customize your Xiaomi to another level

Another weekend has arrived accompanied by our typical recommendation of themes for your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices. Last time we recommended five themes that you can not stop trying , now we decided to do something different, seven incredible themes with which to customize your Xiaomi to another level .

Remember that some themes probably require a change of region to download and install . The process is quite fast and is carried out from the device's own settings . However, if you do not know how to do it, at the end of the article we will explain how to change region successfully.

1. Android OS 12 | Download

We open the list with a theme that simulates the appearance of the Android 12 operating system. The Android OS 12 theme is a customization package that includes different lock screens , a modified control center and widgets with different designs.

Android OS 12 Theme

Android OS 12 is the perfect combination of functionality and serenity . The bluish tones of your wallpaper convey a neutral and elegant atmosphere . It is a subject with no exaggerated changes, ideal for those who immerse themselves in this world for the first time. If you are interested, you can download it on any device with MIUI 12.

2. Miles Spiderman | Download

Miles Spiderman Theme

If you are passionate about movies and video games from the Marvel universe, then this topic is for you. Miles Spiderman is a customization package that is totally out of the ordinary. Dark interface, custom widgets, unique control center , modified application icons and menus that contrast with the colors of the theme.

The best it has to offer is that some screens let us see a little of our friendly neighbor Spider-Man, with designs taken from the Insomniac games . If it catches your attention, do not hesitate to download it to your device with MIUI 12.

When it comes to stylish themes with modern designs, Classy UI is the best choice. The theme offers minimal changes that make up for it with its great design , custom loading screen, bluish backgrounds, and colorful control center.

Classy UI theme

Classy UI also offers widgets with improved designs and much friendlier to the eye . Without a doubt, a professional job to give our devices a certain elegance. If you like what you read, you can download it on any device that runs MIUI 12.

4. Deep Purple – UI | Download

Dark themes are also in high demand among MIUI users. Such is the case with Deep Purple , a customization package that offers different application icons, multiple lock screens and a wallpaper that allows you to view the cloudy sky from a nostalgic rooftop.

Deep Purple UI Theme

The theme also makes some changes in the control center, the volume section, and even in the shortcuts. If you like purple and dark themes, then don't think twice and download Deep Purple on your Xiaomi Smartphone with MIUI 12.

In this list there are themes for all tastes. We have for those who love superheroes, for those who want minimalist themes, and of course for those who enjoy high-caliber vehicles. Zenvo ST1 is another one of those themes that makes radical changes to your device .

Zenvo ST1 Theme

Custom application icons, changed control center, wallpapers that alternate in design, and a totally different-looking keyboard. Let yourself be carried away by the amazing contrast of black with yellow and download Zenvo ST1 on your MIUI 12 compatible device.

SR UI is a topic worth talking about. Not only because it modifies the interface almost completely by adding a neon effect , but also because it also introduces excessively striking aesthetic details. The theme is responsible for modifying both the application icons and the control center, giving it a futuristic lighting look .

SR UI theme

Among its other virtues, we can highlight a personalized lock screen and a visual structure that makes SR UI a free option capable of comparing itself with paid themes . If you like it, download it now on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile with MIUI 12.

7. Magistic dark | Download

Lastly, we leave you a dark theme, ideal for those users who have a device with an AMOLED screen . Magistic dark is a highly recommended theme to save the mobile battery, since its very nature causes the system not to spend as much energy on the screen .

Magistic Dark Theme

Although not everything ends there, as the theme offers a totally different interface , with colorful and personalized icons, a control center with a different appearance, modified widgets and much more. If you have a device running MIUI 12, then this is your chance to try the Magistic Dark theme.

Change regions with these simple steps

To change the region on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device, you just have to go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and select a region other than yours, for example India . Then, click on the link of the theme of your choice and open it with the MIUI Themes app.

In this way you will be able to download and install the chosen theme correctly. Once applied, you can return to the additional settings section and return to your region of origin. It should be noted that the procedure does not represent any risk to your device .

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