Samsung shows double-folded Galaxy Fold prototypes

Samsung shows double-folded Galaxy Fold prototypes

A Galaxy Fold that was folded twice was one of Samsung's highlights at the IMID 2021 trade fair. Unfolded, users have a 7.2-inch OLED tablet in their hands. And with other prototypes, Samsung showed where the foldables journey could lead.

The current foldables from Samsung can only be opened in one place. A prototype at IMID 2021 (International Meeting for Information Displays), on the other hand, has two hinges from which OLED screens hang. The advantage: When unfolded, users hold a 7.2-inch tablet in their hands. Samsung calls this a "multi-foldable" device called "Flex In & Out". Whether and when there will be such a device for sale is in the stars.

A foldable for the Arctic

Another exhibit from Samsung Display was a 7.6-inch OLED screen, which is particularly insensitive to the cold. Even after 30,000 foldings at minus 20 degrees Celsius, the display still worked. Apparently, Samsung wants to show that the foldable smartphones are more resistant. A Galaxy Fold Arctic Edition is probably not to be expected.

Smart speaker with fold-out display

Finally, Samsung showed a smart speaker with a 12.4-inch flexible OLED screen. The screen is stretched around the loudspeaker and can be folded out if necessary. Then more information can be seen, Samsung's demo shows a doctor talk in which the user discusses the results of his examination with the doctor.

The prototypes will not necessarily be available for sale in this form or at all. They are concepts that Samsung is working on.

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