Washed with water: 5 smart washing machines

Washed with water: 5 smart washing machines

The smart home has long since reached large household appliances. In addition to technical innovations for washing machines, dryers and refrigerators, it is becoming increasingly important to save time and resources. These five washing machines convince with innovative concepts.

Samsung QuickDrive

The impatient may rejoice! With the quick washing method QuickDrive from Samsung, the laundry should be cleaned in half the time that conventional washing machines need. The laundry in Samsung washing machines does its rounds in just 39 minutes with this function – and should still be as clean as the competition, which sometimes takes twice as long.

And this is how the QuickDrive technology works: The drum and rear wall of the washing machine rotate in opposite directions thanks to two motors. As a result, the laundry is moved more and cleaned more quickly. Special nozzles are also used to ensure that rinsing and spinning are carried out quickly. The machine can also be operated while on the move via an app.

Special feature: Samsung washing machines equipped with QuickDrive technology wash laundry in half the time.

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TwinWash from LG

Would you like to wash your favorite top, but you don't really have enough clothes for the whole drum together? With the TwinWash , the question of conscience is history. The innovative machine from LG has not just one, but two laundry drums. While the large drum offers space for a normal load of twelve kilograms, the smaller one with a load of two kilograms is perfect for small laundry in between or particularly fine items of clothing.

The practical thing is that two loads of laundry can be washed at the same time using the program that suits them best – in just 49 minutes. In addition, the TwinWash can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Special feature: The TwinWash saves time thanks to two washing drums and can also be started for small wash loads.

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Miele W1 with app & TwinDos

The smart WWG660 WCS W1 front loader from Miele scores twice over. On the one hand, the integrated liquid detergent system automatically doses the amount of detergent required depending on the degree of soiling of the laundry. In this way, according to the manufacturer, 30 percent of detergent can be saved compared to dosing by hand.

The second highlight of the Miele washing machine: using the smartphone app control, the machine can also be started while on the move. In addition, data such as electricity and water consumption can be viewed in the application. Both values are particularly low for the Miele WWG660 WCS W1, which is why the smart washing machine falls into the best energy efficiency class A.

Special feature: Thanks to TwinDos, no detergent is wasted. The Miele app also provides convenient control and monitoring of the machine – from home or on the go.

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Sonic Soak

You don't necessarily need a drum to clean your laundry, as Sonic Soak proves. The handy gadget removes dirt from T-shirts and trousers with ultrasonic waves. You just have to put the cleaner in a container full of water together with the laundry and the detergent of your choice.

When switched on, the Sonic Soak emits 50,000 vibrations per second. The microscopic, unstable bubbles created in this way cause dirt to virtually implode. The result of the process is said to be even more thorough than that of a conventional washing machine. The mobile cleaning device is operated via the power supply on a wall adapter. The device is available from various online retailers from a price of 149 US dollars, the equivalent of around 137.50 euros.

Special feature: Sonic Soak cleans laundry thanks to ultrasonic waves even without a conventional washing machine.

Samsung Flex Wash + Flex Dry

There are now multifunctional devices under washing machines too. A good example is the FlexWash + FlexDry system. The 4-in-1 washing machine consists of a washing machine and a dryer. The highlight: Both devices each have a large drum and a smaller compartment for the laundry.

Similar to the TwinWash from LG, large and small quantities of laundry with different washing requirements can be cleaned in parallel and then dried. If desired, the washing combination can also be operated via an app that can be integrated into the smart home.

Special feature: The Flex Wash + Flex Dry from Samsung is a smart washing machine and dryer in one and offers the option of cleaning and drying two loads of laundry at the same time.

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