Washer-dryer: For whom the combi-device is most worthwhile

Washer-dryer: For whom the combi-device is most worthwhile

Washer-dryers combine washing machines and dryers, that much is clear. But for whom are the combination devices really useful? Not for everyone – but special types of users benefit enormously from the duo function. A small typology plus device recommendations.

Wash and dry laundry in one go – without the hassle of reloading? Washer dryers make it possible. However, they are not for everyone. Important to know: The combination devices consume more electricity than the individual devices combined and they can dry less laundry than they do it. Nevertheless, there are types of users for whom a washer-dryer is just the thing. Are you one of them?

Space saving: narrow washer-dryers fit into small apartments

Do you live in a small apartment in which not an inch can be left unused? As a rule, only one washing machine will fit in the kitchen or bathroom – most landlords do not provide space for a dryer. If you are unlucky enough to have neither a balcony nor a laundry room, you have to dry your wet clothes in the apartment for better or worse. This in turn increases the risk of mold growth.

In this case, the washer-dryer is the ideal roommate. The combination device only takes up as much space as a normal washing machine – and can be set up without special connections where you would otherwise place the washing machine.

Tip: A relatively small device, such as the WDW 75141 STEAM from Beko, fits in pretty much every kitchen or bathroom, no matter how little space you have.

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Bathroom without a window: no problem for washer-dryers

Most washer-dryers do not require an external connection. Since they do not produce any exhaust air during drying that has to be diverted from a room, they can also be used in bathrooms without windows. Also practical: the combi-devices wash off fluff independently. You therefore do not need any special care like a normal dryer, whose fluff filters you have to clean regularly.

A washer-dryer, especially with a heat pump, is ideal for anyone who has no way of supplying a normal exhaust air dryer with an air vent. It is just as suitable for those who do not feel like cleaning a fluff filter or constantly emptying a condensed water container (as with the condenser dryer).

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Baby on board: washer-dryers for new families

Mother washes clothes with baby together

A washer-dryer is ideal for a small family with a baby – it saves a lot of time and energy. Image: © Adobe Stock / JenkoAtaman 2020

Are you expecting a child or do you already have offspring? If you are already mom or dad, you surely know how much dirty laundry a baby produces. At the same time, you don't have an infinite supply of clothes – especially in the cold season you can get into a mess of simply not having any rompers & co. For your child. After all, it takes a while for wet laundry to dry in the cold autumn and winter air. It often stays clammy for a long time.

A washer-dryer can help. You can wash and dry dirty baby clothes little by little without having to move wet laundry from one device to another. That saves time and energy – and your child always has clean and cozy clothes.

Tip: A large appliance with a high washing and drying volume, such as the WDU28510 from Bosch, is perfect for a small family with a child.

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Fine thing: business people love washer-dryers

Business man puts on Sako

Always on the go: You don't have much time to wash, dry and iron? No problem, the washer-dryer regulates (almost) everything by itself. Image: © Adobe Stock / metamorworks 2020

Does the suit always have to be very well cared for and the costume definitely has to be free of stains? As a business woman or man, you have to show up in the office every day with immaculate clothing. A washer dryer could quickly become your best friend. Thanks to it, you can wash and dry your business clothes quickly after work without much effort. The next day you go back to work with fresh and flawless clothes.

Tip: A washer-dryer with a steam function, such as the V6WD85S2 from LG, also offers anti-crease protection. This usually saves you having to iron your clothes.

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Little laundry: Washer-dryer makes life single easier

As a single you usually don't have high mountains of laundry and only have to run a drum every now and then. However, you don't like letting your laundry air dry. Many fibers become stiff as a result, especially terry towels and cotton shirts. But you don't have the space or the money for a separate dryer? The washer-dryer rushes to help and makes your single life easier – and cuddly.

Depending on how little laundry you have, you don't even have to take wet clothes out of the drum to go into the dryer. The KWDR-84612-A washer-dryer from Koenic, for example, scores with a good ratio of washer and dryer volume and is financially affordable for a single.

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