Apple Watch 7 comes with iPhone 13

Apple Watch 7 comes with iPhone 13

despite production problems

Despite all production problems: Apple will soon officially introduce the Apple Watch Series 7, together with the iPhone 13. However, availability for the release should be limited.

Due to difficulties in production, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be difficult to get at the start, claims Apple expert Mark Gurman from the news magazine Bloomberg in his new newsletter (via 9to5Mac ).

Production problems: These three scenarios are conceivable

Three possible scenarios are now conceivable. First, Apple won't announce the new smartwatch until the production issues are resolved. Second: Apple could introduce the Apple Watch Series 7, although availability at the time of release would be severely limited. Third: Apple is punctually presenting the new generation of smartwatches and will not bring them onto the market until a later date. It is most likely that Apple will present the new Smartwatch at its September event, but individual versions will only be available in stores much later.

Apple Watch Series 7 with a flat display

According to older rumors, Apple will give the Apple Watch Series 7 a new, fresher look that is more based on Apple's current design language. Means: The display will no longer be rounded, but flat – just like the iPad Pro and the current iPhone 12 series. In addition, the display size will increase slightly from 40 to 41 and from 44 to 45 millimeters. New watch faces are also planned, according to an earlier Bloomberg report. On the other hand, there will probably not be any new sensors or major new features: Instead, the focus will be on the new display with its larger screens.

So far, Apple has not yet officially confirmed its September event.

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