WhatsApp: New chat bubbles for iOS & Emoji reactions are coming

WhatsApp: New chat bubbles for iOS & Emoji reactions are coming

WhatsApp will soon get emoji reactions as a new function. There is also an indication of a fresh design of the chat bubbles for the iOS version of the popular communication app.

The emoji reactions in a WhatsApp pre-release apparently work in a similar way to Instagram. If necessary, users select an emoji and use it to respond to a text message. There can be an unlimited number of reactions under a message, but if there are more than 999 reactions they are counted as "999+". In group chats, everyone can also see who has responded to a message. Anyway, all of this writes WABetainfo.

New chat bubbles for iOS

The new chat bubbles for iOS are expected to look more rounded and have a new hue. The "chat bubbles" refer to the oval speech bubbles in the chats that contain the text of the messages. In addition, judging by a WhatsApp pre-release version, they are larger and look more modern. WhatsApp's dark and light mode is so visually different.

Chat bubbles could come for Android as well

The new chat bubbles are not yet in development for Android. However, the designer Braian Dario Vargas thought about what the bubbles in Android 11 could look like and designed a preview.

The emoji reactions should appear for both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. The new chat bubbles are currently only being developed for iOS. However, there is still no information on when the new features can be made available to all users.

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