Android keyboards: 6 good alternatives to the standard

Android keyboards: 6 good alternatives to the standard


The Android keyboard is probably the most widely used app on smartphones. However, this important app is often given little attention and most users are already completely satisfied with the standard keyboard. In our list you can find out which alternative Android keyboards are available and what their advantages over the standard keyboard are.

Gboard: The constantly improving keyboard

android keyboards gboard

The Gboard already masters swipe-typing, GIFs and translations and there are still more functions to be added. Image: © Google Play / Google 2021

When Google first released its in-house Android keyboard Gboard, it offered hardly more functions than the pre-installed standard keyboards on smartphones. However, the company kept adding new features to the keyboard, and Gboard is now one of the best Android keyboards out there.

The keyboard has a precise word prediction, you can write with swiping gestures if you want, there is a reliable autocorrection and the Android keyboard even supports two languages at the same time. Google Translate and the Google Assistant are also integrated directly into the Gboard.

In addition to extensive functions, Google's Android keyboard also offers something for the eye. In the so-called Emoji Kitchen, you can combine different emojis to create new creations. Starting with Android 12, the keyboard theme should also be able to automatically adapt to the smartphone background used.

Swiftkey: The Microsoft keyboard with versatile customization options

Swiftkey is one of the oldest and most popular keyboard apps for Android and was taken over by the software giant Microsoft in 2016. One of the special features of the Android keyboard is the many keyboard customization options.

Including the adjustment of the key size, countless keyboard themes and keyboard layouts. Swiftkey not only supports the well-known QWERTZ layout, but also alternative key assignments such as AZERTY, Colemak or Dvorak.

Another highlight of the Android keyboard are the many languages it supports: Swiftkey supports more than 500 languages – up to five of which can be activated at the same time. The autocorrection even recognizes when you write multilingual texts on your smartphone. Emojis, stickers, GIFs and a translator are also on board and can be easily accessed via a quick launch bar.

Typewise: The Android keyboard with the honeycomb layout

If you want to try a fresh layout concept instead of the classic rows of letters on an Android keyboard, you should definitely take a look at Typewise. The keys on this keyboard are arranged in a honeycomb pattern. The layout, which initially takes getting used to, is intended to make typing with two thumbs much easier.

According to the developer, users of the Typewise keyboard should be able to make up to four times fewer mistakes while typing and increase their typing speed by up to 33 percent. The keyboard also has practical swipe yesterday: a swipe to the right sets a space, a swipe to the left deletes the last letter typed.

Furthermore, the developer also promotes the protection of privacy. In contrast to many other Android keyboards, Typewise should not require any camera, microphone, GPS or other authorizations. In addition to a free version, there is also a Pro version of the keyboard, which costs 25 euros.

Fleksy: Everything, please!


You can add additional features to the Fleksy Android keyboard with mini apps. Image: © Google Play / Thingthing Ltd 2021

Fleksy has everything that most Android alternative keyboards do and a lot more. Because in addition to the standard functions such as swipe inputs, autocorrection, stickers and so on, further features can be added via so-called mini apps.

These include hotkeys for recently used emojis, GIFs or URLs, a setting that makes the keyboard completely invisible and typing effects such as popping rainbows, hearts or colors. Fleksy also offers a lot of skins and color options with which you can design the Android keyboard according to your preferences.

Grammarly Keyboard: Your grammar helper for English texts


Grammarly Keyboard helps you type flawless and lively English texts. Image: © Google Play / Garmmarly, Inc. 2021

Do you often write English texts on your smartphone, but you are no longer really fit with English spelling, punctuation and grammar? Then let Grammarly Keyboard give you a hand while typing – or rather your fingers.

The Grammarly Keyboard does not offer any optical customization options except for a dark mode. In return, the keyboard corrects not only your spelling errors, but also grammatical errors – but only in English. Additional languages can be added to the app, but they are not checked for errors.

Anyone who occasionally communicates in English with their smartphone should get along well with the free version of Grammarly Keyboard. But there is also a premium subscription where the keyboard also provides information on the choice of words, text flow and synonyms.

Simple Keyboard: Just write


Simple Keyboard is an Android keyboard that is limited to the essentials. Image: © Google Play / Raimondas Rimkus 2021

You don't need any extras and just want to write on your Android keyboard? Then Simple Keyboard is the perfect choice for you. The keyboard does without countless skins, swipe functions and dedicated GIF and emoji buttons.

You simply download Simple Keyboard, maybe choose a background color and you can start typing right away. Simple Keyboard also offers small customization options such as an optional row of numbers, different layouts, language settings and cursor control via the space bar.

In addition, the Android keyboard is satisfied with few permissions. The keyboard, which is just one megabyte in size, only requires authorization to use the haptic feedback. Otherwise the keyboard does not want any data from you and does not contain any advertising.

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