Galaxy S22 + & Galaxy S22 Ultra: New leak reveals battery capacity

Galaxy S22 + & Galaxy S22 Ultra: New leak reveals battery capacity

Some information about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 series has already been leaked, now a new leak also reveals the battery capacities of the Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, there are no major differences to the S21 models.

As Sammobile reports, two Samsung smartphones have received 3C certification for their batteries. According to the model numbers, the devices should be the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to the certification authority, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 + is 4,370 mAh (reported as 4,500 mAh) and that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is 4,855 mAh (5,000 mAh).

Galaxy S22 + loses a little capacity compared to its predecessor

When comparing the upcoming Samsung smartphones with their predecessors, it is noticeable that the Galaxy S22 + offers slightly less battery capacity than its predecessor. With a capacity of 4,800 mAh, the battery of the Galaxy S21 + holds around 300 mAh more. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra do not differ in terms of battery capacity.

Longer runtime despite a smaller battery?

The slightly weaker battery in the Galaxy S22 + does not have to lead to shorter runtimes; Thanks to Samsung's new display technology Eco²OLED, the runtime of the smartphone could even increase. The technology allows Samsung to do without a polarization filter made of plastic for OLED screens. As a result, Eco²OLED displays can emit 33 percent more light than conventional OLED screens under the same conditions.

According to Samsung, the power consumption of the display should be reduced by up to 25 percent. It is therefore conceivable that the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra outperform their predecessors in terms of runtime despite having a smaller or the same battery. Assuming an Eco²OLED display is used in both models.

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