Would you like to try the latest from MIUI? POCO opens a new recruitment for testers

Would you like to try the latest from MIUI? POCO opens a new recruitment for testers

Under the POCO Tester program, Xiaomi has launched a new call to become a MIUI tester or beta tester and thus be able to test the next news that we will see in MIUI 12 , MIUI 12.5 or even, facing MIUI 13 .

This new recruitment begins for all those who want to receive the MIUI "Stable Beta" and thus be able to test the latest news, subsequently reporting any existing failure or bug in order to improve the system.

How to become a LITTLE Tester and test the latest from MIUI

As we can read through the POCO Community , this new program is designed for all those owners of a POCO device. Among the compatible we find:

  • POCO X3 GT (MI, ID)
  • POCO F3 GT (IN)
  • POCO M3 Pro 5G (IN, RU, ID)
  • POCO F3 (MI, RU, ID, EEA)
  • POCO X3 / NFC (RU, IN, EEA, ID)
  • POCO M3 (MI, RU, ID, EEA, IN)
  • LITTLE M2 (IN)
  • LITTLE C3 (IN)

If you have any of these devices you can apply as a tester from this link . Once inside you will have to indicate your account My or My ID , as well as the type of ROM of the terminal. It should also be noted that it is essential to be of legal age.

¿Te gustaría probar lo último de MIUI? POCO abre un nuevo reclutamiento para testers. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Once the recruitment is finished, POCO will announce a list with all those selected , indicating their My ID in a list. Likewise, any news will be announced in your Telegram group to which we recommend you join.

More information at : POCO Community

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