Sky-Go app does not work: You can do that now

Sky-Go app does not work: You can do that now

Are you looking forward to a film or a sports event and suddenly the Sky Go app doesn't work? That's annoying, but still no reason to despair. Our guide shows you what you can do now.

There are a number of reasons why your Sky-Go app sometimes does not work: no internet, a malfunction in the app, too many devices logged into one account or a general failure of the streaming service. And this is how you solve each problem:

Problem: lack of authorization

If Sky Go tells you that you do not have authorization to stream, you are logged into your account on too many devices. In this case, you will have to log out of another device that you are logged on to . Inform your family or friends who are also using your account.

Problem: Sky-Go app does not work

If the Sky-Go app doesn't work, the first thing to do is to check your internet connection. Is your WiFi or mobile internet switched on and can you surf normally in another app such as the browser? If so, then the problem is actually with the Sky-Go app. If you can't surf the web, you should check your internet access settings .

Restart or reinstall Sky Go

If the problem is not with the internet connection, it is worth quitting and restarting the Sky-Go app. As with a computer, a simple restart is sometimes enough for an app to fix a seemingly complicated problem.

If the app still does not work after restarting, you should uninstall it and then reload it on your device . This takes a moment, but it solves any problems with the app and guarantees that you have installed the latest version of the Sky Go app available for your device.

Streaming service failure

If none of these tips help you, there is a chance that there is a malfunction with the streaming service itself. You can check whether this is the case on the Malfunction page. Fault reports are received here almost in real time.


  • If the Sky-Go app does not work, there are several possible solutions.
  • Missing authorization: You are logged into your account with too many devices. Deregister devices from your account.
  • App does not work: Check the internet connection, quit the app and restart it. If that doesn't work, uninstall Sky Go and reinstall the app.
  • Under general interference , check whether there is a general failure of the streaming service.

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