PS4 loud? You can do that

PS4 loud? You can do that

Your PS4 hums loudly like a jet jet during operation? You can almost no longer hear the sound effects of your favorite game because of the high volume of the console? We know what to do.

The PS4 is much quieter than the PS3, which sometimes hums like a small vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, the fourth generation of consoles from Sony can develop high volumes for various reasons. We reveal what you can do about it.

PS4 is very noisy: these are the possible causes

An overly noisy PS4 can be for several reasons:

• A hidden fan can cause the PS4 to literally gasp for air and get louder over time. The console's fan is on the back. So make sure that the ventilation slots are not covered by objects or a wall. The PS4 should ideally stand free – especially in summer when temperatures are higher.

• Games that are particularly graphically demanding put a greater load on the PlayStation 4. The result: the fans spin faster and the console becomes loud. If the problem only occurs with a specific game, that game is most likely causing the volume. Check whether the game disc is damaged or scratched and clean it with a cloth if necessary.

• Check whether the fan of the PS4 is possibly dirty or dusty. That too can lead to a noisy console. If the fan is dirty, it should be cleaned carefully.

• The three factors mentioned above can make a PS4 particularly loud in combination: If the PS4 is installed in a TV cabinet, the fan is already dusty and the game is particularly computationally intensive, a high volume is practically inevitable.

Loud PS4: clean fan

If your PS4 just doesn't want to get quieter, you can carefully (!) Clean the fan as a test. Before cleaning, however, the console should definitely be disconnected from the power supply.

Then you can remove coarse dust from the ventilation slots with the vacuum cleaner on a low level. If you have some manual skills, you can also open the housing of your console and clean the fan directly. With the standard model, you have to remove the underside of the console. For this you need a TORX screwdriver.

With the PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim, on the other hand, it is sufficient to remove the upper side of the case, which is only attached with clips.

When cleaning the fan, make sure that it does not turn due to the suction of the vacuum cleaner or when sprayed with compressed air. The fan generates the electricity that can damage electronic components. You can carefully wipe dirty surfaces with a cloth.

If the PS4 is still loud after all these measures, you should have the console replaced by TVS, Sony's official repair partner in Germany, provided that the warranty is still in place.


  1. The PS4 should always stand free so that the console gets enough air and the fan does not get too loud
  2. Graphically demanding games can put more stress on the PlayStation 4 and thus make it louder
  3. A scratched game disc can also be a cause of the increased volume
  4. A dirty fan can also make the PS4 louder – it is best to clean it carefully with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner

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