How to analyze sleep or even detect your snoring from your Xiaomi

How to analyze sleep or even detect your snoring from your Xiaomi

One of the lesser-known tools of Xiaomi is the Sleep Mode or Rest Mode , a functionality provided by the Mi Health or MIUI Health application. Although it is an unknown, this function is also one of the most powerful . In fact, it is capable of recording our snoring and detecting when we do it .

The sleep tracking offered by the Mi Health Sleep Mode is an advanced option, packed with multiple features (some in English, unfortunately). If you are interested in how to configure this function, then read on. This time we bring you a practical tutorial so that you can analyze your hours of sleep and even detect your snoring in a fairly simple way.


Before you start enjoying Sleep Mode on your Xiaomi device, a couple of things are worth highlighting. First of all, you will need your mobile device to have at least MIUI 12 and also have Android 9.

Mi Health es la aplicación con la que puedes activar el modo sueño

In addition to this, we will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the application My Health or Salud . This is not in Google Play although we can download it for free from multiple repositories with total security.
  2. Once downloaded, we will only have to install it and accept all the required permissions.

On the other hand, you probably need an active Mi account since the Mi Health app needs to sync with it. Once you verify that each requirement is in order, check that the app works correctly and that you can enter Sleep Mode.

Activate and configure Sleep Mode on your Xiaomi

Enter the Mi Health app and then go to the " Sleep " section. Next, proceed to set your sleep hours. You must enter a time to sleep and another to wake up . During this period, the terminal will go into " Do not disturb " mode so that it does not interrupt your sleep hours.

Cómo analizar el sueño o incluso detectar tus ronquidos desde tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Optionally, you can activate the " Detect snoring " function. To do this, it is necessary to grant permissions to the My Health app so that it can use the microphone. In this way, during your sleep hours, MIUI will take care of recording your snoring and storing it locally . So you can play the recordings once you wake up.

The Mi Health application offers many other functions that, when activated, you get a very detailed and complete report on your hours of sleep . This report includes:

  • Detailed information about your hours of sleep for the day, week and month.
  • Number of hours of sleep.
  • Number of hours of deep or light sleep.
  • Information about the times you have woken up during your sleep hours.
  • How long have you snored during your sleep hours.
  • Snoring recordings.

Keep in mind that snoring recordings consume storage space. However, you have the option to delete the recordings at any time .

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