New iOS-style widgets arrive by surprise in MIUI

New iOS-style widgets arrive by surprise in MIUI

Again, Xiaomi returns by surprise to introduce new improvements in terms of design in MIUI . On this occasion, through the latest beta, the firm has implemented new iOS-style widgets that undoubtedly more than one will want to install.

Whether through the application vault (App Vault), the Gallery or even, Mi Home, Xiaomi has been incorporating new widgets that with a design that greatly resembles the interface of the iPhone , improves the appearance of MIUI and also, facilitate the use of these.

For its part, the application vault has been updated to version V5.0.56, thereby including various widgets for the desktop. Among them we find shortcuts and new weather and time widgets . In addition, others have also been included that show us the number of steps, free memory or data consumption .

Nuevos widgets al estilo iOS desembarcan por sorpresa en MIUI. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos
New widgets for the MIUI desktop in the iOS style

In addition to that, the Gallery and Xiaomi Home applications have also been updated . Now they also offer us new widgets that in an easy and simple way will allow us to decorate the desktop of our Xiaomi in the case of the first one or to access more quickly the different smart devices that we have linked (My Home).

In short, a new face lift that for now we can only find and install on the MIUI Chinese ROM . Likewise, at the moment it is unknown when they will end up reaching the MIUI Global and European ROM or if it will be part of the MIUI 13 news.

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