Xiaomi wants its smartphones to be able to identify drugs

Xiaomi wants its smartphones to be able to identify drugs

Xiaomi does not stop registering new patents. Among them we find some as interesting as the latter, which details how to recognize medicines so that their smartphones are able to help us on a day-to-day basis and thus avoid confusion.

In detail, as we can read through MyDrivers , Xiaomi has registered a new patent under the publication number CN108062497B , which details a curious mechanism capable of recognizing drugs, either their type or composition.

Thanks to this, if this patent ends up being implemented in MIUI, Xiaomi smartphones would be able to recognize, through their camera, different types of drugs , thereby helping older people. A fairly simple way to avoid confusion or even generate accurate reminders.

Xiaomi quiere que sus smartphones sean capaces de identificar medicamentos. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos
Patent registered by Xiaomi

Still, as with virtually all of these types of patents, it might never see the light of day . Only time will tell us if it will finally end up being one more help for MIUI as the earthquake warning is already, as well as the SOS mode .

Recall that no more than a few weeks ago Xiaomi began to implement a new mechanism in MIUI capable of saving our lives in the face of natural disasters . This, through early notifications, is capable of alerting us to any meteorological danger .

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