Instagram finally lets you post from your desktop

Instagram finally lets you post from your desktop

So far, Instagram has been relying entirely on its smartphone app – while the desktop version has tended to be neglected. This could soon be over: Tests are currently underway to enable users to post from the desktop.

Users noticed this on Twitter and Instagram has confirmed the tests to TechCrunch . "We know," says an Instagram spokesman, "that a lot of people access Instagram via their computer." In order to improve this experience, the possibility is currently being tested that users can fill their Instagram feed with content directly on the computer.

Instagram usage changed during Corona

But why now of all times, after the desktop experience was only a niche existence for many years? There is a simple reason for this: During the corona pandemic, significantly more people would have used Instagram on their PCs and fewer on their smartphones. The new function, with which Instagram is currently experimenting, wants to take the changed behavior into account.

If you want to try out the new function, you just have to go to Instagram in your browser and look for the new plus icon in the toolbar. New Instagram content can be posted over it. Those who cannot see the new symbol yet have to be patient. It remains to be seen when posting from the desktop will be available for all Instagram users. A regular look at the web interface is recommended.

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