iPhone 13: Dummy pictures show new camera design

iPhone 13: Dummy pictures show new camera design

Images of several iPhone 13 dummies showing the changed camera design of the new models were distributed on the Internet. The cameras look different on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in particular.

The leaker Sonny Dickson shared the dummy pictures of the new iPhone 13 models on the short message platform Twitter , writes MacRumors. You can see all four new models including their backs and their camera design, which deviate from the current generation, especially with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Accordingly, the two lenses of the dual camera are no longer arranged vertically, but in a diagonal shape.

That's why the camera is getting bigger

The massive camera hump of the Pro models can also be seen, although that of the iPhone 13 Pro is just as large as that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max – probably also for visual reasons. One reason is likely to be of a technical nature: According to rumors, Apple will integrate optical image stabilization with sensor shifting – previously reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – in all new iPhones. The Pro models should also benefit from improved ultra-wide-angle cameras.

iPhone 13: Release in autumn 2021

Apple is also planning innovations for the display of the Pro models, which will probably offer a smooth refresh rate of 120 Hz. An always-on display is also being discussed, with information such as the time or the battery level being permanently displayed on the screen. Furthermore, all new iPhones should have larger batteries, but the runtime should not improve significantly due to the better display. Apple will officially introduce the iPhone 13 series in autumn 2021.

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