Remove Kindle Ads: How It Works

Remove Kindle Ads: How It Works

Amazon is clever: If you want to use the in-house e-reader Kindle without advertising, you have to pay more. Do you have the cheaper option and want to remove the Kindle advertising? No problem, it also works afterwards.

From André Gabriel

Apart from public TV channels after 8 p.m., entertainment and advertising are often linked: before the movie, during the favorite cooking show on TV, with free streaming services and on the e-book reader. There are not always workable solutions, but you can remove the Kindle advertisements. From Paperwhite to Touch models to the Kindle Fire HD 8: If you have a special offer that normally costs 20 euros less, you will see various advertisements on the start screen. We'll explain how to get rid of them.

Remove Kindle Ads: Contact Support

It's nice when solutions are simple. For example, to use the Kindle Paperwhite without advertising, you place the request with Amazon customer support. As a rule, removing the Kindle advertisements is not a problem, but you often have to pay the difference amount originally saved. Nevertheless, it is advisable to first ask support to remove the ads free of charge. True to the motto: Questions don't cost anything (yet).

Do you also have a Kindle Touch and would like to have the advertising removed there too? Apply for ad deletion directly for all models, as the process must be done individually for each Kindle device. There is no practical synchronization here.

Alternatively, you can do the steps yourself in your Amazon customer account. In this case, however, the at least theoretical option of removing the Kindle advertising free of charge vanishes. That's how it's done:

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Open "My Content and Devices".
  3. Click or tap "Devices".
  4. Select your Kindle device.
  5. Click or tap Remove Offers.
  6. Confirm "Deactivate offers and pay fee".

Kindle without ads: Unpair your Amazon account

Amazon Kindle 2019 vs Tolino page 2

Anyone who decouples their Kindle from the Amazon account will no longer receive any advertising. Picture:

The second variant converts the Kindle into a normal e-book reader. But the separation from the Amazon account is associated with the waiver of various and sometimes very popular functions – including:

  • Shop and cloud use
  • Access to the dictionary
  • Word research via Wikipedia
  • Synchronization of reading progress

But this also has advantages. On the one hand, privacy is more protected because a possible data transfer to Amazon is interrupted. In addition, the device tends to use less electricity and you save the difference to the normal price of the child. Convinced? Then we go through the process step by step.

Before you disconnect the device from the Amazon account, it is advisable to back up the current content. For this, the Kindle requires a USB connection to the PC, where it usually appears as an external drive. In it you look for the folder "documents" and save the entire content on the hard drive.

Then you reset the device to the factory settings by opening the settings, pressing the menu button and selecting "Reset device". When the Kindle reboots, follow the on-screen instructions to configure the WiFi. Here you tap on "Connect to WLAN" and in the following window on the "Cancel cross" in the top right corner. It is important to skip the wireless setup step, get the option to "finish setting up your Kindle later" and confirm it.

To continue using your saved e-books and dictionaries, re-establish a connection to the PC and pull the "documents" folder back onto the e-book reader. You can now use the Kindle without advertising.

Don't remove Kindle ads, hide them

If you feel disturbed by the advertisements alone, but not by the separate page on which they are located, you can use a trick to hide them. A PC coupling is required again for this. As soon as the connection is established, you open the "system" folder on the Kindle, remove all contents of the sub-folders "mrch" and "assets" and seal both with write protection. Voilà: Where advertising used to be, there is now only a white surface. A restart does not change anything, but a software update restores the original status.

Granted, there is a reason why the walkthrough comes last. Although you have removed the Kindle advertising purely visually, the system is constantly trying to load new ads in the background so that the battery consumption is higher, for example.


  1. Amazon offers Kindle devices with advertisements at a special price.
  2. There are three ways to remove the Kindle ads.
  3. Option one: Pay the difference to the original price.
  4. Option two: disconnect the device from the Amazon account.
  5. Option three: hide advertisements instead of removing them.

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