Creating a pivot table in Excel: This is how it works

Creating a pivot table in Excel: This is how it works

A pivot table is a useful tool for data analysis in Excel. It can be created with just a few clicks, regardless of whether you use Microsoft's software on the web, under Windows or macOS.

A pivot table helps you identify trends and tendencies in your data. When used correctly, this tool can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to analyze data.

How to create a pivot table in Excel

  1. Select the rows and columns whose data should go into the pivot table. Then click in the Excel menu at the top of your screen on "Insert > PivotTable" or "Insert> Recommended PivotTables".
  2. Now you can decide whether the table should be created in the same data sheet or a new one and whether you want to use an individually set table or a suggested one.
  3. You can now see the rough version of the pivot table in front of you. In the next step you can by clicking the appropriate check mark determine which values should be arranged in the table. Row labels can also be adjusted or values can be moved between columns and rows by dragging and dropping the mouse pointer.


  • Pivot tables help with data analysis in Excel.
  • You can create a pivot table under "Insert > PivotTable" or "Insert> Recommended PivotTables".

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