Xiaomi improves the floating window system facilitating its use

Xiaomi improves the floating window system facilitating its use

Xiaomi continues to improve MIUI functionalities. This morning we echoed the new improvements related to reversible wireless charging and now the new change in the floating windows interface .

Through the latest MIUI Closed Beta, Xiaomi has improved the floating windows interface . Now, its invocation is much easier, facilitating in turn the fact of being able to have several applications open simultaneously.

Although, before we had to move the application to the upper corner, now it will be enough to slide it up to turn it into a floating window and thus be able to use it simultaneously with another application that we have in the background.

Xiaomi mejora el sistema de ventanas flotantes facilitando su utilización. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In addition, Xiaomi has added a new animation, making it much more intuitive to know how to invoke an application in floating window mode, which undoubtedly greatly improves MIUI productivity.

As with all the news that we have seen through the last Closed Betas, this functionality will take time to reach the Global ROM in a stable way. Of course, Custom ROM like Xiaomi.EU advance us this news without having to wait.

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