JLab Talk series: New USB microphones for home office, podcasts & gaming

JLab Talk series: New USB microphones for home office, podcasts & gaming

JLab has released three new USB microphones. The JLab Talk Go is the cheapest model and optimized for the home office. The JLab Talk is also designed for high quality game chats and podcasts. The JLab Talk Pro finally reaches a real professional level and is also suitable for music recordings.

JLab Talk Go: Inexpensive USB microphone for video conferencing

JLab Talk Go microphone

JLab Talk Go Image: © JLab 2021

The compact JLab Talk Go has two capacitors for voice capture. Users can choose between a cardioid characteristic for recording individual people and an omnidirectional characteristic for recording discussion groups. The microphone can record sound with a sample rate of 96 kHz and a resolution of 24 bits.

Both the directional characteristic and the volume can be adjusted directly via the microphone, a quick mute button switches it quietly at the push of a button. Thanks to the compact dimensions and the included tripod, the microphone can be easily taken with you and used with the laptop on the go.

The JLab Talk Go is now available for around 70 euros.

JLab Talk Go Buy now at

JLab Talk: More options for audio recording

JLab-Talk microphone

JLab Talk Image: © JLab 2021

The JLab Talk offers three capacitors and the four polar patterns cardioid, wide cardioid, omnidirectional and figure eight. The cardioid and broad cardioid are intended for the recording of one person's voice, the sphere for recording several people speaking and figure eight for all-round recording, e.g. of instruments. As with Talk Go, the sample rate is up to 96 kHz and the resolution is 24 bits – more than sufficient for most purposes.

The illuminated rotary knob lights up red when it is overdriven, then the user can stop the recording via quick muting. There is also a latency-free headphone output for monitoring – so you can hear your voice in real time during the recording.

The JLab Talk is available for around 130 euros.

JLab Talk Buy now at

JLab Talk Pro: studio sound for professionals

JLab-Talk-Pro microphone

JLab Talk Pro Image: © JLab 2021

Like the JLab Talk, the Pro model offers three capacitors and four polar patterns. Here the sample rate is 192 kHz and the resolution is 24 bits. The tripod can be attached to the swivel mount or directly to the microphone. An LED screen shows the gain and volume, which are set using rotary controls on the back.

With the JLab Talk Pro you can also connect headphones directly to the microphone. A colored LED ring on the underside ensures the right look when gaming.

JLab Talk Pro Buy now at

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