Best share app: 5 recommended programs for iOS & Android

Best share app: 5 recommended programs for iOS & Android

Quickly check the current price of any stock? The easiest way to do this is with the appropriate apps on the smartphone. We have put together the five best stock apps for iOS and Android for you in this overview.

Shares app for iPhone

share app iphone

The share app has been an integral part of iOS since the first iPhone. Image: © Apple 2021

It has been pre-installed since the early days of the iPhone: the share app. The application has always presented itself elegantly and tidily – and offers not only current share prices but also business news.

Adding and removing shares is uncomplicated, and the app is also available as a widget for the home screen. So you never lose track of your observed values. The database for the courses comes from Yahoo. Ideal for all iPhone users who just want to keep an eye on the prices of some companies without having to make too many settings.

Stock exchange & shares –

finance app

The share app is very popular. Image: © 2021

This is a share app for the iPhone and Android smartphone. In addition to details on stocks, the app also provides information on funds, ETFs and indices. It scores with a large display of the charts and the display of real-time prices.

You can also set up a watchlist and receive automatic notifications when stocks reach or fall below a certain price – so you are guaranteed not to miss any important price development. Probably the best app for stocks in German-speaking countries.

Financial meeting

This is not a classic app, but a special mobile page is available with which you get a good overview of the current stock market. Among other things, the site scores with a comprehensive overview of the market and prices, including individual value portraits, and you get the latest news and the most important news at a glance.

You can also search for securities and news and watch videos on current topics. After logging in, you can also create watch and limit lists and monitor your portfolios.


onvista app

Onvista has given its share app a new design. Image: © Onvista 2021

The Onvista app combines a modern design with contemporary technologies – and gives you uncomplicated access to all of your data. The app works without banner advertising, offers a user-friendly and intuitive operation and contains a helpful derivative finder.

The Onvista app offers real-time prices, the creation of watch lists and a sample portfolio – so you can effortlessly implement fictitious strategies and keep an eye on your success curve. If you wish, you can also receive notifications directly on your mobile phone when certain price limits have been reached. Important stock market news is also sent directly to the mobile phone via push notification.


The BörsenNewsApp scores with a large range of functions. Image: © Markets Inside Media GmbH 2021

In addition to real-time prices, the BörsennewsApp also offers you important key figures for stocks, indices, funds, certificates and much more. The program also contains an innovative watchlist that you can use without registering. The app scores with an intuitive search function and a price alert for securities.

Current news about stock market events are just as much a part as an alarm function for new news about securities. With the app, you are always up to date on what is happening on the stock exchanges – and you can make important conclusions. Available for iPhone and Android .

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